Are you one of the many people who were blown away when you first discovered the Law of Attraction?  Did the thought that everything in the universe is attracted to energy on the same wavelength make sense to you?

On discovering the message of the Law of Attraction many people begin to make affirmations, create a personal development plan or an individual action plan where they set their goals.

The Law of Attraction teaches you that positive thoughts bring positive results, so many people try to concentrate on positive things and wait for these positive things to come to them.

Now that they are aware of this powerful tool they expect it to work the way they want it to work.  But that is not the way the Law of Attraction works.

This article may explain further how the Law of Attraction works.

Why The Law of Attraction Might Bring You What You Don’t Want
by Sydney S Johnston

The most famous book in modern self-help literature when it comes to prosperity is definitely Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This famous book evolved from Hill’s eight volume masterpiece, The Law of Success and includes all kinds of business principles that are of value to anyone who wants to increase their net worth.

But here’s the thing… every single one of those ideas focus around one core idea as revealed by the fantastically successful Andrew Carnegie. This one secret is, of course, the Law of Attraction.

Many folks get really excited when they first hear about the Law of Attraction which states that everything in the universe is naturally attracted to anything vibrating on the same wave length.

And so these eager people busily began using goal setting, affirmations, meditation, etc.

The Law of Attraction May Working For Some People But It Isn’t Working For Me!

But often something goes wrong! They are aghast at their results. They receive all kinds of circumstances that they don’t want. “I didn’t ask for THAT!” they declare.

Perhaps a disease appears in their life when they’re yearning for superb health. Or they lose their job or their Significant Other packs up and leaves… just the opposite of what they optimistically believed would happen.

And, of course, they’re right. That definitely is not what they wanted.

And usually their reaction is one of despair which turns into disillusion and cynicism. “I knew this Law of Attraction stuff didn’t really work”, they declare angrily.

But the truth is that the Law of Attraction works perfectly – they just didn’t use it correctly. This law of life responds to our predominant vibration, our strongest emotions.

We think that we’re focusing on what we want – but we actually put more energy into what we don’t want and the universe ignores “not”, “don’t” or “no”.

* I want a girl friend because I don’t want to be alone.

* I do not want to have my house foreclosed so I want more money.

* I want to be healthy because I’m tired of these migraine headaches.

In the examples above the strong emotion is about what we do NOT want. We don’t want to be alone, we don’t want to lose our homes, we don’t want to be sick with headaches.

So how do we turn this around? Simple – by focusing only on what we want and pouring every single iota of emotion into those ideas. As Napoleon Hill writes, no one is doomed to bad luck.

“… the subconscious mind will translate into its physical equivalent a thought impulse of a negative or destructive nature, just as readily as it will act upon thought impulses of a positive or constructive nature.

This accounts for the strange phenomenon which so many millions of people experience, referred to as ‘misfortune’ or ‘bad luck'”. [Think and Grow Rich, page 51]

If contemplating a certain situation causes you to feel distress, the Law of Attraction sends you more of those upsetting situations.

How Do I Avoid Getting What I Don’t Want?

It’s easy if you will just answer this question: what do I really want?

Don’t be too quick to answer. What we think we want isn’t always what our heart desires. If we don’t get really clear about what we want, we will attract the same dismal results again and again. So follow this exercise:

1. Think of an unhappy situation that either recurs in your life or that has existed for quite a long time. How does it make you feel?

2. If you don’t want it to keep happening, what would you truly like?

3. How do you feel about this new way of being? Can you put a lot of energy, emotion and focus into this new preference?

4. If your answer is ‘yes’, then get a clear picture of (visualize) your goal in your mind.

5. Write it down in a journal or notebook.

6. Repeat, repeat, repeat until your new life goal is a reality.

Fact the fact that if you are unwilling to spend the time to become truly clear about what you want, your passion for it isn’t really strong enough to make it happen.

The Law of Attraction will deliver what you want when you are willing to do your part. That is why Napoleon Hill says that “Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought”.

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