What Is Mindfulness Colouring?

Mindfulness is a state of complete calm and awareness. To be mindful is to be aware of the present moment and all that is happening, without getting bogged down with unnecessary thoughts. In modern society, many people struggle to switch off. We’re constantly thinking about what we should be doing and feel guilty for having time to ourselves.

When practising mindfulness, people often meditate by sitting quietly and focusing on the breath and the body. However, some people struggle with this kind of practice and so never get round to doing it. Or they spend the duration of their meditation wondering if they’re doing it right, meaning that they are actually not managing to switch off because they are still worrying.

Mindfulness colouring is becoming a more popular way to be able to switch off the mind by focusing on a simple creative task. Adult colouring books offer the opportunity for an adult to take time from the demands of their life, sit comfortably and concentrate on simply colouring. Seeing the picture come together, something they have created, can produce feelings of achievement. The task of colouring helps to keep the mind present as they concentrate on the act of colouring. This helps to keep the mind calm and quiet from wandering thoughts.

We can learn a lot from the children in our lives. Probably more than a lot of us realise. Children enjoy colouring, it is a calm activity and one that many enjoy. They are proud of their artwork once they have finished, however it is not a stress for them to need to finish it. Parts can remain uncoloured, or it may take days or even weeks for them to complete their masterpiece. Children often live in the here and now. They express their emotions freely and easily, laughing hundreds of times per day and releasing stress when they feel it by crying or shouting. They don’t hold grudges because they say what they think and then they move on from the situation. Children are often trusting and forgiving, perhaps this is naivety, or perhaps it is a subconscious mindfulness.

I’m not suggesting we all wander round throwing temper tantrums when things don’t go our way, but I do feel that if we could let go of the constant worrying and thinking everyday, and find our inner child again, we may all be a little more kind, happier and relaxed. Perhaps adult colouring, or mindfulness colouring is the first step of many.