Many people underestimate what hobbies and interests on your CV / Resume say about you and just how important they could be to a future employer.

With over 10 year’s experience of helping people to find work, I often have to underline the importance of an effective CV and cover letter.

However what I have also had to explain on numerous occasions is that your CV should not only be a true and positive reflection of you; it should also make you stand out to your potential employer.

Why put hobbies and interests on your CV/ Resume?

Where many people fall down is in the hobbies and interests section. This section can be used very effectively to show you as an individual and highlight something interesting that makes you stand out from the rest.

Imagine someone who has to read through hundreds of CVs or resumes and most of them say something like: –

‘In my leisure time I like to socialise with family and friends, watch television especially football and listen to music.’

By the time they have read this more than 10 times, it is highly likely that they will no longer take much notice of any CV that has such standard statements. After all what does it say about the candidate that marks them as interesting?

On the other hand it is not wise to give a long list of hobbies such as white water rafting, parachuting, playing ice hockey, mountaineering etc.

Whilst it might sound impressive – you may also be sending the reader an impression of a person who loves taking risks!

They might be worried that employing you could also be risky as you may injure yourself in your spare time and not be available for the role you have applied for.

Examples like this highlight what your hobbies and interests on your CV say about you.

Another very important thing that should be highlighted is the use of Social Media by HR departments and hiring managers.

As soon as you notify a possible employer that you are interested in joining them, do not be surprised if they take a look at your social media accounts.

Hobbies and interests on your CV/ Resume can get you noticed

what hobbies and interests on your cv resume say about you is vital the pd cafeUtilise the hobbies and interests section of your CV or resume to show that you have a life outside of work and that you possess qualities that will make you valuable in team situations both in and out of the workplace.

Once you realise just what your hobbies and interests say about you on your CV or resume, then you should understand that being honest is always advisable.

Try and give 1 social, 1 physical and 1 mental example as this will demonstrate that you are a rounded individual.

If you have a passion for something include it!  You never know.   The reader may share this with you or find it interesting enough to put you in the MUST SEE list of applicants.

Just think if you enjoy amateur dramatics and the reader is looking for new members for their club.  This could be a perfect way to meet like-minded people.

So what your hobbies and interests say about you on your CV should not be taken lightly as this could be the way into your next job.

Another section of your CV / resume that you should ensure is both interesting and effective is your personal profile.  Look at our CV writing section for further tips and get free CV examples .

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