Personal development, self improvement or self-growth are such vast topics that we can get lost before we even start.  Not everyone knows exactly where they are or where they want to be. So ask yourself what do you really want in your life?

You might be interested in gaining a qualification that will earn you a promotion. Constructing a career development plan will identify which qualification you need, where you can obtain it and how long it will take you to achieve.  Your career development plan is also a great way of managing your career.

what-do-you-really-want-in-your-life-including-career-development-at-the-personal-development-cafeOn the other hand you may not be sure of your goals or what to do in order to change your life for the better.

Personal development planning gives you the opportunity to take stock and decide what you want and how to achieve your goals.

If you are not sure of how to create your own personal development plan, we have provided a sample personal development plan and also a free personal development plan template that you download instantly.

Sometimes simply asking ‘What do you really want in your life’ can  show you the way ahead.

What Do You Really Want in Your Life? Are You Focused?

by Marty A Cohn

For many people, their initial belief is that they are organised, and are ‘on track’, and in your case, you may actually be on track. However, I have found that many people who think they are travelling in the right direction, find they can substantially improve their tracking, by understanding the concepts I will mention below.

To suitably understand my point, I ask a number of questions of people, and ask they really sit down, and start writing their desires, no matter how fanciful they may seem. At this point, it is necessary, to simply let your imagination go, and write everything down. Do not make the mistake of prejudging, and eliminating your desires or goals. This is a crucial point to note, as you need to be honest with yourself, and write what you really want.

what-do-you-really-want-in-your-lifeIt is unimportant how you will achieve these goals at this stage, as that is not a necessary ingredient to success, at this point.

To understand this point better, you only need to look back in history, at all the great achievements and inventions, and see how many people started, not quite knowing how they would get to their destination, save for the determination to press on.

In most cases, the hardest part is to actually start, and once you are on your way, you will find that ideas, and the knowledge you require will come to you.

This is not hype, but based on my experience, as well as the teachings of others before me. To fully appreciate this point, it is beneficial to read the Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill, as the point of desire is explained very well, in that by deeply desiring a thing, you will be persistent, and determined to break through any obstacles.

When a person gives up, they simply do not desire something very much. It sounds harsh but is true.

Please do not confuse this point with the need to sometimes modify your direction, to achieve your goals, as you will often find that to solve some problems you may encounter on the way, you need to deviate to reach the final destination.

This is not the same as giving up at all. To fully understand this point, it is essential to ensure you have laser sharp focus in all you do.

To give you an example of this point, I frequently start my day with a list in my diary of over 15 items to do, but will ensure that when I am doing a particular task, I focus on that task alone, and will only look at the next one, when I have completed the first task.

This is imperative, as otherwise, your mind is simply unfocused, and your mental energy is wasted, not to mention a squandering of your time.

To conclude, by being deeply focused on your specific task, after listing them down, you will find your achievements massively increase. This can be best proven after you start your application of this principle, and may I suggest, you start today, and not procrastinate till tomorrow.

I have found the Six Minute Success Method works for me, every time, and I start every day with just six minutes to ensure I am on the right track for the day. It has worked for me, and countless others. You will see results too.

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What Do You Really Want In Your Life? Are you ready to change your life?

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