With the increasing concerns over obesity and the associated health risks linked to obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, approaching epidemic levels, the need for proven scientific advice on weight loss issues and good weight loss advice that really works is more important than ever.

The weight loss industry

There is a huge market for weight loss products that promise to make weight loss easier, faster, less painful, cheaper or more reliable. These products range from diets, drugs and supplements that can decrease appetite to operations to reduce stomach volume.

With good weight loss advice you significantly improve the chances of achieving lasting weight loss. But how do you know what really does work and what really is healthy for you? Do you know what are the ‘right’ foods to eat in order to achieve your weight loss goals?

A natural diet does not have to be boring or bland. In fact learning about healthy natural nutrition might be the best weight loss advice.

Weight loss advice that really works to help get slim and stay slim

Alexandra Jones – the author of the book Slim, Sexy & Sensational – Discover the New & Easy Way to Lasting Weight Loss – of the Healthy Girl UK shares excellent weight loss advice that really works.

All that Alex shares is based on her personal experiences and expertise in mind technology and nutrition to help you make sense of the minefield of mis-information out there. With this proven weight loss advice, Alex will show that you can get slim, stay slim and do it healthily.

Are you ready to achieve the results you really want and love how you look in the mirror?

Alexandra is here to give advice on:


weight loss advice that really works

Alexandra Jones of Healthy Girl UK is living proof that natural nutrition works! She is the author of the eBook ‘How to get slim and stay slim’ and  Slim, Sexy & Sensational – Discover the New & Easy Way to Lasting Weight Loss.

Alexandra is a well respected Weight Loss & Wellbeing Coach who works helping her clients achieve lasting results.