Water Healing – WATSU: An Introduction

There are several forms of water healing practiced worldwide, all of them originating from WATSU.

WATSU (WATer shiatSU) is a form of body work combining stretching, relaxation and acupressure in warm water to provide physical and emotional well being and help re-establish balance between body and mind. Harold Dull, the American who developed this work circa. 28 years ago, called it “an art of mental healing”.

Through gentle movement and acupressure, Watsu brings a deep sense of relaxation while the body is stretched, glided and gracefully moved by the practitioner in 96-degree (34 celsius) warm water. The buoyancy takes weight off the vertebras and joints; facilitating ranges of movement not possible on land. Gentle stretching and pulling promote flexibility and suppleness of the spine. Watsu is very beneficial also for pregnant women.

Waterdance, also known as WATA, (German: Wassertanzen) is similar to WATSU except that some movement is done without head support. The receiver will experience a physical freedom which is said to transcend anything else. The body can be stretched and moved in unlimited ways. This form also opens possibilities to playfully investigate movement in the underwater world. This, together with a deep state of relaxation, can bring a profound emotional release.

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