This virtual job interview is a great way of practising and familiarising yourself with sample interview questions. Use your virtual job interview to eliminate the mistakes you might make so that you will be confident in a real situation.

Some of the questions asked in the virtual job interview seem easy. In a job interview questions may be phrased in a different manner – yet require the same information. Recognising what questions you may be asked at interview such as; the popular interview questions and the difficult interview questions will give you an advantage over your fellow candidates.

Now take the virtual job interview


Why do you want to work for us?

What do you know about our company?

What do you think makes a productive work atmosphere?

What can you offer that other candidates can't?

What's your biggest strength?

What makes you angry?

How would your current colleagues describe you?

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10

How much do you earn in your current position?

Do you have any questions for us?

Job Interview
Congratulations. We would like to offer you the post!!!
Hi, we have added you to our shortlist.
I'm sorry but we have decided not to hire you.

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There are some questions included in the virtual job interview that you should always be prepared for at a job interview. There is every chance that at interview you will be asked:
  • “Tell me about yourself…”
  • “What are your strengths?”
  • “What are your weaknesses?”
  • “What made you apply for this job?”
  • “Why are you leaving your current job?”
  • “What do you think this job entails?

Now that you have taken the virtual job interview go to our interview skills and techniques page to find great sample interview answers. Remember the interview is usually the end of the job search process. A bad interview will not always lose you the job, but a great interview usually wins you the job.

Interview skills and techniques are something you need to hone to prepare for that vital meeting so use the virtual job interview to hone your skills and boost your confidence. Don’t forget – interview skills can be improved.

Using a Professional Interview Coach

Using the services of a professional interview coach is something you should consider.  A good interview coach should have a great understanding of the whole recruitment process

Working together, you can put in place an individual plan to address your needs.  You can practice specific areas of concern and address personal issues. Most importantly, they will give you coping strategies that will help you deal with interview nerves and anxiety.

If you would like to share any interview tips you think others could benefit from, add an article or ask a question you would like answered, then use our comment form below and we will add them to The Personal Development Cafe.