There are many unconventional ways of treating cancer, but just how useful are they?

Cancer treatments can vary depending on factors such as the specific stage you are in and which type of cancer you’re suffering from.

There are cancer patients who only need one treatment while others who have to combine different treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

You may also go through other treatments such as targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy.  As a result some people resort to using cannabis like Sativa to ease the pain.

The marijuana plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids. The body also produces its own cannabinoid chemicals.

In fact CBD or medicinal cannabis is being used as an alternative way of treating cancer.  CBD  is non-psychoactive and cannot get you ‘high’. 

If you feel as if your cancer is taking control of your health in a major way, then you can try these alternative ways as most cancer patients notice some positive changes after using them.

So, what are these unconventional ways, and how helpful are they? Continue reading to find out some unconventional cancer treatments.

Treating Cancer Using Acupuncture

In acupuncture, a doctor usually inserts needles in your skin at specific points. This treatment can help you in relieving nausea that you can or usually gets after chemotherapy. Acupuncture can also help you ease the pain, which you might be experiencing from your cancer.

To get the best acupuncture treatment, make sure that you get treatment from a doctor with a legal license. However, you should not opt for acupuncture if you have low blood counts or if you are taking any blood thinners as it can lead to an increase in the risk of getting infections. Therefore, it’s vital that you check with your doctor first before doing this treatment.


This treatment uses some kinds of fragrant oils to give you a calming sensation. In aromatherapy, a practitioner combines oils, and scents like lavender then applies them to your skin.

You can also add these fragrant oils to your bath water before taking a dip to ensure that they penetrate your body properly.

Aromatherapy is helpful as it helps cancer patients relieve their pain, stress, and nausea.

You can get this type of treatment from a qualified practitioner, or you can also perform it on your own by getting the right fragrant oils and administering the entire process on your own.

Aromatherapy is safe. However, you might get some allergic reactions after applying some of these oils. Some cancers, such as breast cancer are extremely sensitive.

So, if you have breast cancer or any other skin sensitive cancer, then don’t apply too much of these oils on your skin especially tea tree oil and lavender oil as you might get more intense allergic reactions.


Hypnosis is a deep concentration state. During this treatment, a therapist hypnotizes you with an aim to make you relax by talking in a gentle voice. After that, he/she helps you to focus on your goals like how you can reduce stress and deal with your pain more efficiently.

Hypnosis is beneficial to cancer patients going through a lot of pain and stress. Also, it can help you in preventing anticipatory vomiting and nausea that can occur mostly during chemotherapy.

This treatment is usually safe.  However, make sure you let your therapist know your history of mental illness if you have any as it can help them know how to carry out the hypnosis to suit you better.

Music Therapy For Treating Cancer

music therapy for treating cancer

Musical therapy can help you relieve pain and control vomiting and nausea.

In cancer music therapy, a therapist tells you to play musical instruments, listen to music, sing, or even write some lyrics.  A music therapist then guides you through specific activities that he/she designs to meet your needs.

Musical therapy is safe to use. However, make sure you use a professional to ensure that you get one that suits you mentally and physically.

Tai Chi

Tai chi incorporates deep breathing and precise, gentle movements. You can learn tai chi on your own by following videos and books, or you can pay an instructor to teach you how it works.

Practicing tai chi is safe and useful as it can help you relieve a significant amount of stress when going through cancer. You don’t need lots of strength to execute tai chi movements correctly. However, you can always adapt them to your specific abilities in case they seem a little bit tricky at first.

It’s vital that you consult with your doctor before engaging in tai chi to ensure that you are in the best physical condition to practice it.


Here, a doctor kneads your muscles, skin, and tendons to relieve any tension and stress in your muscles to help you relax better.

There are different types of massage. You can have a light and gentle massage or a deep one with slightly more pressure.

Research shows that massage can be useful in helping cancer patients reduce pain, stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

Massage is one of the unconventional cancer treatments you can opt for. You can ask your doctor to refer you to a good massage therapist, or if you are lucky, you might get one in the cancer center you usually visit.

However, it’s advisable that you refrain from having a massage if you have a low blood count. A therapist should ensure that he/she avoids massaging the areas around your tumors, radiation treatment areas, and surgical areas as it might cause pain.

If you have any bone disease or if your cancer affects your bones, it’s vital that you tell your therapist to massage you with light pressure to avoid any injuries.

Using Unconventional Ways of Treating Cancer – Conclusion

There are different unconventional ways that you can use for treating cancer. Most of these do not require a lot of physical strength to engage in and are effective and safe.

However, it’s crucial that you consult your doctor first before opting for any of them as some might be more effective compared to others depending on specific cancer you have.