Most people know that the first few minutes of a job interview are crucial.  Whether you are attending your first or have been on many job interviews, you should be prepared to answer some tricky questions.  

The “Tell me about yourself” job interview question is usually one of the first questions you will be asked.  This isn’t as straight forward to answer as at first it might seem.  So what is the best way of answering?

No I Didn’t mean EVERYTHING!

Some people really are desperate to impress and use this opportunity to do so.  Of course you want the job.  That’s why you are here.  Unfortunately telling your life story is not the aim of this job interview question.

tell me about yourself job interview question

Don’t start rambling on about your personal life.  You don’t have to reveal everything about yourself at the beginning of the interview.

You will have several more opportunities to tell the interviewer about all the qualities, skills and relevant work experience that makes you the best person for the job.  

Don’t talk yourself out of a job.  Perhaps you could try saying “what would you like to know about me?”  This then gives you the chance to get your interviewer to tell you exactly what information they are looking for.

 So How Do You Answer The Tell Me About Yourself Job Interview Question?

As this question is normally asked pretty early in the interview, if you have a well-prepared answer, you will make a great impression and set the tone for a successful interview right from the start..

Focus on your professional skills and qualities.  It’s okay to use your personal experiences if they are relevant, but remember to keep the information in your answer related to work.

A really great way of answering this job interview question is to start with an explanation of why you are applying for the role with the company.   Show the interviewers that you have researched and know about the company or organisation.

Outline your professional progress in an organised and methodical way.  You don’t have to mention all the jobs and duties you have held.

 Your CV / resume got you to this interview, and it has all those details.  Highlight all your successes.  Hopefully this will lead to a positive discussion where you can emphasise that you have the skills and qualities required for the post.

Finally, watch this job interview video  for further tips on how to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ job interview question.