The term team building usually evokes one of two responses when it is uttered across the office floor. Number one, there are numerous eye rolls followed by a scramble to book annual leave or number two, people eagerly set up an out of office response and look forward to what the day may have in store.

Whatever the response might be, it is important for managers to ensure that team building activities or exercises are effective. It is not simply a case of giving staff a nice fun day away from the office, there also needs to be a specific purpose in mind.

There is no “i” in team!

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An effective manager must assess the challenges that his team is currently facing. By questioning internal issues or identifying conflicts within the team, the manager should then be able to carefully choose a team building scenario which can address any problems. Questions which could help identify which type of team building activities or exercises to choose include:

Are members of the same team all well acquainted?

How is communication within the team?

Are there any issues with morale?

Are there conflicts between individuals or groups of people?

Office based Team Building Activities / Exercises

There are many team building exercises which can be done in the office and address many of the issues mentioned above. Once you have identified areas which need significant improvement, you can choose a solution designed to help.

Communication Issues

Have two parties sit on the floor, back to back. One person has a picture of a shape and the other is equipped with a pencil and pad. The person holding the picture needs to give verbal instruction to the other person and help them to draw the shape, without actually mentioning what it is.

This exercise is designed to evaluate how well people work together and whether there are any issues in communication.

Throw a party…

This activity can be done in the office or for a more free and easy experience, book a venue. The idea is that each participant is given a stereotyped label to wear, it is pinned to their back and they are unaware of what they may be. Examples include teacher, movie star, mechanic.

During the game, each player asks questions about their stereotype. The objective is to eliminate labelling within the office and challenge pre-conceived ideas.

Build Trust…

Yes. you could have people fall whilst somebody else catches, but we prefer a little more imagination.

Find a large space, inside or outside! Set up a variety of obstacles over the space. It could be chairs, balls, tables …use your imagination.

Divide your group into pairs. One person in the pair is blindfolded and the other needs to verbally guide them through the obstacle course, without them falling over.

Remember team building activities and games are great fun and a fantastic way to encourage better communication and trust.  Visit our team building directory to find organisations near you.