Although lying on your CV is never recommended, some people still believe they can get away with it.  The fact is that it really is surprisingly easy to spot the top cv lies.

An employer, hiring manager or HR professional will be well aware of the top CV lies.  They will almost certainly pick up on them.  So if you are invited to an interview, repeating the lie can lose you the job or get you in trouble further down the line.

If  you take the time to construct a well written, professional CV, there is no need to lie on your CV. It is much better to avoid lying on your CV as you are likely to get more interview success in the long run.

Here are the 6 Top CV Lies:

top cv lies

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You should always remember the purpose of a CV.  It is meant to bring your personality, skills and qualities to the attention of potential employers.  If your CV does its job, then you will gain interviews,