Tips for teenagers looking for a job

Are you a teenager looking for a job?  Being a teenager can be a trying experience.  There are so many things to deal with – hormonal changes, relationships, not to mention exams and constant reminders of how important  qualifications are for either getting into uni or finding a good job.  The fact is as people live longer, they are putting off retirement and staying in work longer.   In some countries this has had a dramatic effect on youth unemployment. Teenagers looking for a job in today’s world face a very different world to that of their parents or guardians.

Some things haven’t changed though. Most teenagers would like more independence and that often means the ability to be less financially independent on their parents or carers.

So what should teenagers looking for a job do?  This article offers some practical suggestions.

What to do as a Job-seeking Teen

by Stewart Wrighter

As a teenager, finding a job can be pretty difficult, especially if you haven’t held a serious job before. Not to mention the fact that so many jobs sound so daunting. Yes, most teenagers just want to make money, but what teenage in their right mind wants to spend their days scanning barcode labels in a shady convenient store? Cleaning up after people or tearing laser printer labels off boxes all day probably sounds less than appealing to a student who just spent eight hours in school. So, with little experience but not the wits to do menial jobs; where is a teenager to go?

You would be surprised by how many places are very friendly to inexperienced teens. The fact is that even though they haven’t worked before, they learn quickly and tend to be pretty eager. Not many teenagers want to get fired, so they do what is expected of them. Adults get jobs because they have to, where as many teens get jobs because they want to so they tend to be a little more positive about it. Grocery stores are great places for first time workers. They will take as young as fifteen year olds sometimes to do the bagging. This is a great way to get early work experience. Don’t be embarrassed by bagging people’s groceries either. Embarrassment is one of the biggest factors that keeps people from working at grocery stores and it is a waste of a great job.

tips for teenagers looking for a jobThe food industry is stressful and tiresome, but a great money maker if you can handle it. This type of job is good for a student who has extra time on his or her hands. If you are trying to balance a job with classes and a sport and clubs, working in a restaurant is not the choice for you. However, if you could manage to work kind of late on some school nights, working in a restaurant would be great for you. Pay tends to be around minimum wage, but tips usually even it out. On a good night, you could walk out with fifty dollars in your pocket from tips. Keep in mind however, with a job like this you have to have good people skills. People aren’t always nice and waitresses and hostesses are the ones who get the short end of the stick. Also, be prepared for schedule changes and to be overworked. Tell your manager that you are a student and can’t work long hours so they don’t work you to the bone

Also, you are never too old to babysit. People often write this off as a not legitimate job, but it is as legitimate as they come. They also look great on applications, as all jobs do. Babysitting teaches you to deal with kids; yes, but it also teaches you to deal with stressful situations. Also, babysitting is one of the highest paying jobs for the easiest amount of work. Granted, the kids could give you a hard time, but you are usually making three dollars above minimum wage, so it’s a fair trade.

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How to improve your chances of getting a job as a teenager

Those are some great tips.  One of the best way of improving your chances of getting a job is by making sure you have a great CV or resume and also an effective cover letter.

Most employers now ask for a CV / resume as part of the hiring  process.  This means that your CV / resume should impress the reader and make them want to see you or call you.

Teenagers looking for jobs usually don’t have much work experience, so you are going to have to demonstrate your enthusiasm, potential to do well and willingness to do the job.  If you do have work experience let the reader know – it shows you have already been proactive and know what is expected from an employer.

Do children and teenagers need careers advice?  As a parent or guardian you want the best for your child or teenager.  Each child is different and treated so, but offering good advice and encouragement can spur them on to achieve success.

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