Tips for Identifying Dementia and Finding Treatment

Dementia is a series of brain diseases that is degenerative. Most of the degenerative brain issues fall under dementia. Since it progresses slowly, it is difficult for you to know if you have it unless you pay attention to the minor warning signs and symptoms.

Below are some of the signs you need to look out for if you or a loved one has dementia.

Memory Loss, Especially When It Comes to Regular Tasks

identifying dementia and finding treatment

One of the things you need to look out for when it comes to the onset of dementia is memory loss. Even though there are different types of dementia, they all present with memory loss. If you realize that you forget routine things, then chances are you are on the onset of dementia and should seek medical help.

Language Problems

Dementia also presents itself as a lack of comprehension and communication. If you cannot comprehend what is being said, then there is a chance you are developing dementia.

While it is common to forget grammar rules, it is not expected that you would forget the words to simple everyday things you encounter.

If you find yourself substituting so many common words with a longer explanation, you need to see a doctor about it.

Personality Changes

a change in personality is a sign to be aware of when identifying dementia

Another sign of dementia is a personality change. You will realize that the person is anxious and afraid whereas they used to be outgoing.

Feeling lost often leads to anxiety, and many people might not tie this to dementia right away.

If you notice such a huge change, you can get the person to a doctor and help them get the help they need.

Impaired Judgement

We are all bound to make mistakes, but sometimes a person might have a streak of bad decisions in a row. You will often keep making wrong decisions that are more than just impaired judgment.

Since dementia affects the brain, it takes away all logical thinking. You are likely to make poor choices in life if you have dementia. You should see a doctor if you notice that you or someone close to you has constant impaired judgement.


confusion is a sign that should be looked for when identifying dementia

At one point or another, you might have lost your phone or even wallet.  That is not uncommon. A person with dementia, on the other hand, takes confusion and forgetfulness to an entirely new level.

You find yourself placing things in the most random places. You might put a shoe in the freezer or your phone in your pantry and that shows you are losing your way of thinking.  The behavior might start slowly but gets alarming first.

In such a scenario, you need to ensure you get medical attention before it worsens.

Issues With Abstract Thinking

Dementia also makes you struggle with abstract thinking. You will struggle to solve basic mathematics questions or use a calculator. As time goes by, you will even have difficulties operating electronics at home. It gets frustrating after a while.

However exercising your brain by stimulating the neural pathways can delay some of these problems.

Finding Treatment for Dementia


There is no one test to determine whether one has dementia or not. Doctors use various tests to rule out other possibilities before diagnosing you with dementia.

For these reasons, you need to go to a psychiatrist to get the correct diagnosis. They will also ensure you get proper treatment charted out for you.

There is currently no cure for the condition, but different medications can manage the symptoms and make you lead an easier life.

Dementia is not a life-threatening condition. With the right medical attention, you can go on to lead a healthy life. The most important thing is to ensure you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Samantha Higgins

Samantha Higgins is a professional writer with a passion for research, observation, and innovation. She is nurturing a growing family of twin boys in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She loves kayaking and reading creative non-fiction.