With the stresses and strains of modern life, we can sometimes get lost and forget what really matters.  This article offers three tips to live a happy life that could make a difference.

Three Tips to Live a Happy Life

by Tamara Baruhovich

It is human nature. Most of us are always waiting for the right circumstances to happen before we allow ourselves to feel happy. If only I had… Once I get to… When I achieve… When start doing… then, I’ll be happy. Can you relate?

This is because most people have preconceived beliefs and ideas of the situations, things or circumstances that would create happiness; however, these are only that… beliefs and ideas, and only true to the degree they allow them to be.

The saddest thing is when -sooner or later- they get to realize that they are mistaken. Even when these specific things that they’ve been pursuing or looking for actually happen, they rarely feel satisfied with them. Moreover, they tend to shift their focus to something better, bigger and more exciting, once again believing that “this time” -for sure- they will reach the happiness they so much desire…

This scenario can be compared to a “Merry Go-Round” in which they don’t allow themselves to reach a point of contentment. Have you made this mistake yourself?

learning gratitude can help you live a happy life the personal development cafe

Don’t feel bad. We’ve all made this mistake as one point or another. But there is good news…. Great News, actually! It is very possible to train ourselves to be happy RIGHT NOW regardless of our particular circumstances, and even if things in our lives are far from perfect at this time. These three steps will point you in the right direction…


First tip to live a happy life

1. Learn to be grateful for what you have in the present moment.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind. It helps you shift your focus from “not have’s” to “do have’s” making you feel good as you go. Moreover, when you adopt the gratitude attitude, you learn to keep your focus regularly on the things that you have giving you an on-going uplifted feeling which eventually translates into living an overall happy life. As you practice, you’ll find yourself worrying less for things that may be lacking or beyond your reach while feeling more grateful for the smaller things and for brief moments of bliss. This eventually translates into sense of happiness that tends to persist!

Second tip to live a happy life

live a happy life

2. Take time for important things.

Do you spend most of your time feeling rushed and scattered? If so, you’ll find it harder to feel happy on a regular basis. It’s hard to feel content when life seems to be running ahead of us! In order to be truly happy, it is imperative to make time for things that nurture you, like relaxation, entertainment and even day dreaming! When you take pleasure in a handful of simple moments regularly, your focus begins to change. Make sure to dedicate daily time to do the things you love, even if just taking a 15 minute walk or stopping to smell the roses! Listening to your favorite music, reading books that stimulate your self-growth, and having a pleasant conversation over coffee with a dear friend, are just a sample of the things you can do to feel happier in the now. Start today; you’ll soon feel quite happy to have made this decision.

Third tip to live a happy life

3. Love your journey.

Many people make the mistake of attaching happiness to specific expectations on far-off result, like the completion of a certain goal. They believe that once they “get there” everything will be just right to finally feel happy. However, there is a lot to be gained from enjoying the journey itself, not only from the destination. Make it your mission to acknowledge your every step and moment that you’re working to achieve a certain goal. Enjoy the sense of “little” achievements and self-mastery that you are gaining while pursuing your higher goal. When you make your journey a worthwhile endeavor you will savor the end result that much more!

Finally, don’t ever forget that the most important thing about living happily is to make that precise choice on a moment by moment basis. Yes, life has ups and downs and certain situations may make it difficult to feel happy at times; however, the general attitude of happiness will help us overcome those challenges easier. It’s true, it is YOUR choice. You can always choose to be happy when you decide not to allow for the little things to bother you and rob you from experiencing a happy day. Go ahead… decide consciously to embrace happiness and you will soon experience a wonderful difference in your life!

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