Are you aware of the background check process? If the answer is ‘No’, then don’t be surprised if this could be the reason you are not getting your dream job.

It is essential to understand what background checks entails and how it could impact your chances of being hired.

Most people know there is a thin line between exaggerating and lying.  The consequences of lying on your CV can be very serious.

The fact is an organization may background check employment history.  However not everyone is clued-up to the process.

Why Are Background Checks Used?

Taking the next step in your professional development is a major milestone on the road to self-improvement.

With the right opportunity, you may be able to achieve your career ambitions, learn new skills and gain confidence.

Given how important the right job can be, you want to be sure you avoid any stumbling blocks in the application process.

One of the most common and damaging pitfalls applicants might encounter is being unprepared for a background check process.

This is why it is essential to understand what a background check entails and how it could impact your chances of being hired.

How Can A Background Check Affect Jobseekers?

Many people assume that these investigations are concerned only with criminal background checks, but they would be wrong.

Depending on the employer and other circumstances, checks may also include elements such as your driving record, education and military service.

Some jobseekers also don’t realize that companies use online checks.  They may be looking through your social media presence.

Sometimes, unflattering or offensive posts might be enough to cause recruiters to think twice.

Being ready for whatever a background check may uncover — and what you can do about it — is crucial if you want to maximize your opportunities for advancement.

To learn more, take a look at the accompanying guide.

guide to background checks


Author bio: 

Christian Moore is COO at Global Verification Network. He has more than 20 years of investigative and business experience with competencies including surveillance, competitive intelligence, pre-employment and course-of-employment background screening