The temptation to enhance or ‘bend the truth’ on your CV is something that many people find hard to resist.  So what are the most common lies on CVs and just how common is it for people to include lies on their CV.

Finding a job can be stressful.  You want to give yourself the best chance of getting an interview. That means creating a killer CV that will impress the reader.  After all what is the harm in upping your grade from a B to an A?  Is it okay to slightly exaggerate your experience or list hobbies that will make you seem more interesting?

According to a survey carried out in the UK by; lying on a CV is not as rare as you would think.

most common lies on your cv

As you can see the most common lies on CVs are:

  1. Educational qualifications
  2. Time in a job
  3. Level of experience
  4. Personal interests or hobbies
  5. Job titles

What do the decision makers think about common lies on CVs?

Most recruiters and interviewers have come across lies on CVs.  How they react depends on what the lie is.  For example almost 75% of decision makers understandably took lying about education or qualifications very seriously.  On the other hand 48% found lying about personal interests less seriously.

However, lying on your CV is not recommended.  Whilst you may think that it is harmless to ‘stretch the truth’ a little, the consequences of being found out can be serious.

Many employers, human resources departments or hiring managers will make the job offer subject to conditions.  They will almost certainly check out your references and may contact previous employers.

Although social media is a great tool for networking, it can also leave a trail that may be used by recruiters.   Think of all the information that you share with others.  Does it back up or contradict the information you have included on your CV or will it expose any lies?

How to avoid telling lies on your CV

The fact is if you don’t lie on your CV, then you will have nothing to worry about and will be less nervous at interviews.

Rather than expose yourself to telling lies on your CV, you can always consult an interview coach who will appraise your CV and give you valuable tips that will increase your chance at interviews without lying.