There are many ways to describe life coaching, but what is the meaning of life coaching?  This life coaching article offers one definition.

The Meaning of Life Coaching
by PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Understanding about life and meeting the everyday challenges that pop up are normally possible to deal with, however what about those extra ordinary ideas of achieving more of being more and having more.

It’s those goals that need the stimulating support and step by step motivation of a professional life coach. Living a balanced life is only half the battle of achieving a relative level of control of life. The other half is all about tapping into ones’ potential to self-develop as an individual.

This is where a professional life coach is able to help.

the-meaning-of-life-coaching-at-the-personal-development-cafeCan A Life Coach Really Help?

A debate that has historically popped up is that a coach needs to have experienced exactly or at least very similar to what a clients’ challenge could be in order to help the client break through their current belief system and then formulate new habits for the desired outcome.

That line of thinking is incorrect, by that I mean that a fully trained personal development person does not have to have lived through a situation similar or the same as a client in order to work with them, that would be mentoring.

Nor does such an individual need to be a rocket scientist to coach a rocket scientist, but rather the helper needs to have undergone a professional life coaching training that includes result orientated models that encourage the client to think for him/her self along the lines of seeing a bigger picture, even of thinking of outside the box and thought provoking techniques and tools to aid the client clarify their goal and develop a plan of action.  Engaging the services of such a fully trained person is a perfect opportunity for the client to turn their day dreams into reality.

What is Life Coaching?

Over the years I have been asked ‘What does a Life Coach do?’ The answer is simple and incorporates all of the following;

A life coach will only work with a client who is prepared to commit to the responsibility of taking their lifestyle to the next level as therapy and consulting are not part of professional life coaching.

Listening to a client who wants to aspire to lift their lifestyle to the next level is a main role of a professional coach.

Undergoing training and then utilising what is learned, i.e. coaching models, tools and techniques to assist a client to where they want to be.

Working from the present, that’s the here and now is where the coach begins the process.

Boosting client motivation and keeping them inspired, are what helps the client to excel forward.

Acknowledging that yesterday is history and explains this to the client.

Keeping client confidentiality and respecting that personal history is the sum total of what has brought the client to where they are today.

Effective coaching techniques are part of the remit to help the client remain focused.

A life coach intuitively debriefs with the client.

Working with the client along a pathway of discovery is all part of the productive journey.

Partnership on goal achievement is also part of working with a client.

Coaching the client towards personal insight and recognition of those insights are part of the personal development process.

Success for a life coach happens when the client acknowledges their own success.

A life coach acquires self-development skills that are portable. My reasons above are only the tip of the iceberg regarding professional life coaching and the subtle differences of this amazing results orientated line of work.

In short life coaching works when applied correctly by both the life coach and the client.

PaTrisha-Anne Todd, LCSi. Author of The Meaning of Life Coaching. Cosmic Soul Coach Consultant to entrepreneurs and show business celebrities.

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