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Benefits of Teamwork

by M Rasing

A number of individuals working for a particular goal constitute a team. The energy of individual members of the team is added up and as a result the team works for a common aim as it seeks to achieve organizational vision, mission and goals. The energy of the team work is always boosted and as a result teamwork can help facilitate efficiency and effectiveness in the organization. Individual talents of the members of the team are utilized and as a result the work done can seem like it were easier. There are lots of benefits from teamwork. Some of which are listed below:

  1. Decision making power is increased in a team work. Various members of the team give different opinions and the best among all the opinions is selected and is acted upon. That is why it is important to conduct brainstorming sessions for the team and arrive at acceptable solutions for the problems at hand.
  2. The participation and involvement of each member is increased in a team and as a result the output of the team is compounded. When one team member works in partnership with another member of the team, his efforts can get additional boost. He is more accountable to the team and he can also get additional ideas from team mates. While individual workers can also do that, team relationships are well-defined and can help people expect help from their teammates.
  3. Another important benefit of teamwork is the distribution of workload among the team members. As a result individual members are not under pressure. Individual members will now carry on the part of the work which they have been assigned. They say that the whole is more than just the sum of the parts. Same thing is true with teams. You multiply the overall output of individuals when they start working in teams.
  4. discover the benefits of team work at the personal development cafeIndividual talents are being reinforced in the team work. Individual members have unique talents and in the team their talents are utilized and maximized. This calls for active involvement on the part of the leader, however. Recognition for efforts done and for the things that are being done can boost the morale of the team and will push individual members of the team to push harder.
  5. Various ideas are being used in the team as all members have their own ideas. Different ideas are used in different circumstances depending upon the situation. Such a collective memory in the team can help achieve better results and continuous accountability within the organization.
  6. Satisfaction is another important factor in teamwork. Each member is well satisfied that they have contributed something for the team. Such attitude can then spill over to the rest of the organization.
  7. The speed with which the team will work cannot be obtained individually. The team work is done at a much faster rate as the work is divided among the members. More than that, individuals can ask for the help of their team mates. But on the whole, team members are able to focus on only one aspect of the problem being done. When that is connected with other efforts being done in the team, the whole organization will benefit. For teamwork to work, however, there must be a visionary transformational leader who works in encouraging the team members and connects the efforts of the individuals with each other. That way, the benefits of teamwork can be fully harnessed by the organization.

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