If you suffer from chronic pain, there is probably nothing you won’t do to cure it.  Many people turn to prescribed medicines.  While that may work, it can lead to dependency.  However, there are some natural chronic pain treatments that have been tried and tested.

Janice Alexander is a fervent believer in natural remedies.  In her article Simple Chronic Pain Treatment, she offers excellent advice on how you can relieve chronic pain naturally.

As we know, the vast majority of people rely on prescribed medicines to ease their pain.  But you can get rid of pain without pills.

So if you decide not to use chemicals, what should you do?  Let’s start with diet.  What we eat can have a significant effect on the pain reduction.

We all know that a healthy diet is important.  If we take care of what we put in our bodies, then we are less likely to be unwell.

In her article ‘How to stop sugar cravings’, Janice explains the effects of aspartme, artificial sugars and candida.

Lots of people take supplements such as cod liver oil, iron or zinc.  As we learn more of its health benefits, using Moringa as a supplement has grown in popularity.  So which supplements should you use to help reduce pain? Janice will explain.

Are you aware that many painful conditions such as arthritis can be relieved by eating anti-inflammatory foods?  Well it’s true.  Read on to find out how.

Here are some extracts from Janice’s article that explain how to make better choices in order to live a more pain-free life.

Simple Chronic Pain Treatment
by Janice Alexander

How to get rid of pain without pills

Using chemicals to get rid of pain has its harmful, destructive side effects. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories drugs (NSAID’s) all have dangerous side effects, even aspirin, which kills thousands of people every year. NSAID’s are bad for your heart.”

Eating the right food is a natural chronic pain treatment

There is a way to reduce pain just by using food as medicine, which is what food is. The problem with eating food is that most people who are eating, think that because it’s edible and tasty and we don’t drop dead straight away after eating it, that it is ok for us and they call it food.

Processed food sometimes has more chemicals than the drugs we consume. Most “food” that we eat today, I call “none-food food” meaning it looks like food, tastes like food but it doesn’t have any benefit for our body and it inflames our cells and causes pain.

Reduce your intake of processed food, grains, sugar and animal products because animal products are high in phosphorous which is very acidic to the body.

Cut out sugar in your food to help chronic pain

reduce sugar for chronic pain relief

Sugar in fruit should be kept to a minimum because fructose in fruit is hard for the liver to assimilate and will ferment in the body like alcohol.

Sweet fruits like bananas, mangoes, dried fruit and peaches are best replaced with low fructose fruit like berries, grapefruits, lemons and limes.

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods

garlic ginger turmeric provide natural chronic pain relief


You can eat your way out of pain by eating anti-inflammatory foods. The best and most anti-inflammatory foods are ginger and turmeric. Garlic is also excellent.

Essential omega 3 fatty acids are also very good at reducing inflammation. The best sources of omega 3 fats are plant based from chia seeds, hemp seeds, linseeds/flaxseeds. Walnuts have 3% omega 3 and to convert the plant based omega 3 foods into the EPA and DHA that we need, far more efficiently, consume them with organic turmeric.

If you are buying turmeric off the shelf in the supermarket it will be irradiated causing it to lose its properties, that’s why it has to be organic turmeric.

Which supplements help reduce pain?

When taking supplements it is always best to use the plant based whole food. Turmeric will be the plant based whole food as opposed to curcumin, which is a derivative of the plant.

Eating any supplement or food as close to nature as possible is always going to give you more bang for your buck. Optimum levels of vitamin D are your first priority. Without adequate amounts of Vitamin D (hormone D) nothing works properly in the body. It is included in every metabolic process. If you live in a climate where there is not much sun, supplementing with hormone D is essential or you can use a safe tanning bed.

The most effective substance to take for pain relief is cannabis oil.