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Whether you are a student wishing to visit Indonesia in your gap year, someone who would like to do some voluntary or charity work overseas or thinking of living and working abroad, you can use our jobsearch engine to access jobs from all over Indonesia instantly.

search-for-jobs-in-indonesiaIndonesia is made up of over 1700 islands and collectively the country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. With its healthy tourism industry and its popularity with students, Indonesia offers many attractions.


The country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a healthy industry, service and agriculture.   Many believe that Indonesia will be in the top ten countries with the strongest economy within the next decade.

jobs in IndonesiaJakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Home to over 10 million people, Jakarta is always bustling, from the sound of the wheel of government turning to the sight of the economy churning. Skyscrapers, single story residential houses, modern apartment complexes, survivalists shanties – all coexist in this city.

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