Sample Chef / Catering cover letter

If you are applying for a Chef or Catering position you should make sure that you enclose a well written cover letter with your Chef / Catering CV or resume. To find out what to include in your Chef or catering cover letter, read and analyse the job advert you are replying to.

Most advertised vacancies will include a job description and person specification. Make sure that you read these; check that you have the skills required and that you clearly highlight them in your cover letter or your Chef CV / resume.

sample chef covering letterIf you are sending out a speculative cover letter, find out as much as you can about the company.  Research the organisation by visiting their website, phoning and asking relevant questions or visiting one of their centres.  This can give you insight into what you can include in your cover letter.

What should your Chef / Catering cover letter contain?

Your Chef / Catering cover letter is meant to introduce yourself and to get the reader to look at your CV or resume. A good cover letter should grab the reader’s attention by highlighting your skills, qualities, experience and suitability for the job in 3 or 4 paragraphs. It should make the reader interested enough to read your CV / resume for more details.  It should not be a duplicate of your Chef Catering CV / resume.

Your Chef / Catering cover letter should give examples of:

  • Your ability to plan and create appealing menus
  • Experience of supervising kitchen staff members in the use of all equipment and hygiene procedures
  • Knowledge organising and monitoring controls of food quality, presentation and service
  • Your qualifications, experience and skills
  • Special areas of expertise (e.g grill, pastry, sous)
  • Experience in nutrition including knowledge of relevant diets
  • Your ability to work well and remain calm under pressure
  • Your ability to work and perform well in a team
  • Knowledge of Health & Safety regulations

Make sure your cover letter enhances your Chef / Catering CV  by keeping it relevant and to the point. Check it yourself, then get someone you trust to check it again for spelling and grammar.

Sample Chef / Catering cover letter

40 Any Rd
Tel: 0208 888888 Mobile: 077777777

Gordon Bleu
Recruitment Manager
Fillet of Beef
1 Any Street

Today’s date

Dear Mr Bleu

Vacant Post of Second Chef

I wish to apply for the position of Second Chef as advertised in the Anytown Gazette and on The Personal Development Cafe website.

As you can see from my enclosed CV, I have considerable experience in the catering industry. For the past three years I have been employed by the Orange Elephant Steakhouse as a Grill Chef .  My previous posts as a Catering Assistant with Anytown University where I worked for 5 years have equipped me with the necessary skills and qualities required in a busy, popular and exciting restaurant such as the Fillet of Beef.

Having read the job description and person specification supplied, I am confident that I fill all the criteria required in that I am:

  • Qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery.
  • Able to work well and remain calm under pressure.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • A good team and independent worker.

I have just completed my Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery and am confident that I can make a positive contribution to your restaurant if given the opportunity.

If you require any more information I would be happy to provide it and can be contacted either by telephone on the numbers on my CV or by email
I am available for interviews at your convenience and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


[sign here]




Before you send out your Chef / Catering cover letter, please remember how important it is to check for grammar and punctuation. Sometimes a word transposed or omitted can have a devastating effect. Just look at some of the worst CV mistakes for examples of bad grammar and punctuation.

Once you have constructed a great Chef / Catering CV  and covering letter that will impress, you can search for a job in your country or overseas, find the latest Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor jobs and start applying instantly by uploading your CV / resume online.

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If you have any questions, comments, need help writing a Chef / Catering CV or resume, or would like further information on how to write a CV or resume, use our comment form below and we will gladly try and get the advice and guidance that you need.