Richard Bandler – What is NLP?

Richard Bandler co-created NLP (neuro linguistic programming) in the 1970s whilst studying mathematics.

That means that for over 50 years neuro linguistic programming has been practised by practitioners.  It has also been used by psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and life coaches.

According to iNLP Center, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a set of skills that reveal the kind of communication that matters most – on the inside and out.

“While the original goals of neuro-linguistic programming were therapeutic, the patterns have also been adapted for use outside psychotherapy for interpersonal communications and persuasion including business communication, management training, sales, sports, and interpersonal influence, used for coaching, team building, public speaking, negotiation and communication.”

In fact it has become hugely popular in business, self-help, therapy, education, sports, coaching and performance.

Even politicians as famous and powerful as Barak Obama are said to incorporate NLP as part of their strategies.

Sales is another ideal platform for its use.  By building rapport and using  techniques such as mirrroring, modelling and anchoring, many salesmen claim to have seen the benefits.

But what exactly is neuro-linguistic-programming?  In this video, Richard Bandler the co-creator explains what NLP is in his own words.

 Richard Bandler – Get The Life You Want

Richard Bandler and John Grinder met in the 1970s.  They are credited as the co-founders of NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming).  Richard Bandler is the author of numerous books including:

Richard Bandler NLP book get the life you want

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