Recruitment Agencies and Job Hunting

When using the services of recruitment agencies the average ‘list price’ for an agency fee is around 20%, moving up to around 40% for very high-end recruitment.

In other words a good agency is worth its weight in gold! They will have the contacts with reputable companies and as they are being paid handsomely for their services, they will endeavour to ensure that they treat both clients well in order to maintain their good name.


Building relationships with recruitment agencies

Finding employment through recruitment agencies is a two way relationship. Do not just assume that once you have registered with an agency you can sit back and wait for them to get you a job. Be proactive. Keep regular contact with them and demonstrate that you want to work and will represent them in a professional and proper manner. They are after all a business that relies on supplying what their clients expect.

Do not be offended if an agency initially places you on a temporary contract. If they are considering recommending you to a trusted client, it may simply be that they want to ensure that the assignment is suitable for you, the employer and in turn for them. They have a commitment to both parties and putting the wrong person into the wrong organisation could be disastrous. Besides you know that once given the opportunity you will be so impressive that the offer of a long term contract will not be long in coming!

As a job seeker you should find out about any agency you register with. Are they registered with a recognised professional body? Do the jobs they advertise exist or are they just a marketing exercise to get you on their books? Ask to speak to someone who has found work through them.

Link to Directgov - public services all in one placeThe list of recruitment agencies is vast. They can range from jobcentre plus who are funded by the Government to help the unemployed back to work, to a specialist IT recruitment agency that headhunts for organisations such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Once you have found the right agency if you build a rapport with your contact, this can be a very effective means of finding both temporary and full time employment.

Specialist Recruitment Agencies

If you are a qualified professional, it is highly recommended that you register with specialist recruitment agencies that specialises in your field. For example Parkhouse Bell are a respected and well-known recruitment agency in the UK with considerable experience within Human Resources, Training & Development and Business Support. By registering with them you are assured of dealing with seasoned professionals with a great knowledge of the market. They are likely to know who is actively recruiting and as they are trusted within the industry, their reputation is an asset when they recommend you for an assignment or contract.

Join an online recruitment agency and post your CV / resume online where it can be found by recruiters who are looking for your skills.


One of the best ways to stay motivated in a job search is to build a network of contacts.  Not only does this help you reduce job search stress, it can significantly improve your chances of finding the job you deserve.

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