Recognising Opportunities Is A Crucial Part of The Law of Attraction

One of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction is recognising opportunities and acting on them!  In order to manifest your dreams, you have to be prepared for them and recognise each opportunity that is presented to you.

This statement that is often heard – “if you believe in the Law of Attraction then you should have everything you want in life!”  It may well be true for some, but the evidence is there from many successful people that the Law of Attraction works!  All your dreams may not come overnight, but if you believe, understand and practice the Law of Attraction; then you will achieve the things you want in life.

A great example of believing in yourself is given by the actor Jim Carrey.  He describes how he visualised, believed and manifested his dreams.  Success may not have come overnight, but by remaining positive (even when faced with disappointment), Jim Carrey achieved his dreams.

Here is another myth -“I tried the Law of Attraction, but it didn’t work for me.”  Are you sure?  Perhaps it did.  Perhaps it gave you just what you asked for, yet you weren’t prepared for it and didn’t recognise the fact.

Imagine you own a small restaurant.  You keep saying to yourself, “I am ready to expand.”  Then one night you get a phone call asking for a table.  The restaurant is busy, you could squeeze an extra table in, but you politely decline.  Now it could be that the possible diner was just a hungry client.  However, what if they were a highly respected food critic or a wealthy investor?  Who’s to say.  But just making that table available may have opened an opportunity you weren’t expecting.

Why is recognising opportunities important?

In order to understand the importance of recognising opportunities, you really should consider what you want in life.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful way of manifesting your thoughts.  The phrase “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”, is so true.

If you are constantly sending out negative messages or thoughts, guess what?  That is what you may attract.  It’s not that the Law of Attraction isn’t working, it is giving you what you are asking for. This is why the Law of Attraction might bring you what you don’t want.

Make sure you send out positive thoughts.  Like attracts like. Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you maintain a positive outlook.