For many people the job interview can be a daunting or even frightening process.  In fact many people are so nervous that they convince themselves that they have lost the job before they even start.  But that does not have to be so.

There are many successful interview techniques that can be learnt which will significantly increase your chances of success.  The secret is to  relax as much as possible.  One of the best ways of preparing is by practising.  If you have an idea of what may happen then you are less likely to be nervous and be able to have good answers to most interview questions.

Job interview techniques and strategies covered

This job interview video offers quick interview strategies that deal with, preparation for interview, tricky questions, questions you should ask, tricky situations, projecting confidence and how to follow up after an interview.

Use this video to reinforce the points illustrated in our interview skills section.



We hope you found this interview skills video helpful.  If you find a job interview very stressful and suffer from interview nerves,  a great way to overcome your nerves is by practising your interview techniques and becoming familiar with questions that you may be asked at interview.  You can take our virtual job interview  to gain confidence so that you perform better at  interview.

Using a Professional Interview Coach

Many people find the interview process a nerve wracking experience.  As a result they may suffer from interview nerves and may not do themselves justice during the interview.  A simple way of tackling interview nerves is to use the services of a good professional interview coach.

Working with your coach, you can put in place a plan of acion to address your personal needs.  You can discuss the importance of body language in an interview.  Most importantly, they will give you coping strategies that will help you deal with interview nerves and anxiety.

You could also use  an NLP Practitioner  with specialist knowledge of communication, body language and confidence.  Try listening to DVD with  techniques incorporating NLP and see if that helps you to relax before an interview.

If you have any interview preparation tips, comments or questions that you would like to share with others after watching this interview skills video, you can post them by using our comments form below.  All comments will be reviewed and then posted as soon as possible.