The most common forms of interview are 1-2- 1 and panel interviews. In these formats interviewers will usually ask you popular interview questions about your career history, the roles you have carried out, skills that you have acquired. They are likely to concentrate on skills and experiences that are mostly relevant to the job for which you are applying. You may be asked a few personal questions which could have a connection to your job.

Panel interviews

Panel interviews involve a candidate being interviewed by more than one person at the same time. This format sometimes can be quite off putting to the interviewee. However if well handled, can save time as the company is not relying upon one person’s evaluation of the candidate. A good job interview panel will usually ask their questions in turn, allowing you to focus on the interviewer asking that particular question.

Some panels you may come across at job interviews have two interviewers with one taking the lead and asking the questions whilst the other observes and takes notes.

1-2-1 Interviews

As the title implies, the 1-2-1 interview involves an interviewer and a candidate.  As there are only people present, this type of interview can be either very formal with a structured method or less informal and more of a chat.  However both formats are designed to get the best from you so do not be daunted.

You can continue improving your interview skills by realising that there are certain common interview questions you are very likely to be asked. If you are aware of this and have a good answer ready, these questions can be welcoming and give you the chance to settle your nerves.

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