Online NLP Coaching Program

The Personal Development Cafe offers a variety of Personal Development resources. NLP World has teamed up with The Personal Development Cafe (ThePDCafe), to bring you a host of NLP and Coaching skills that you can tap into and learn in your own way.

About Online NLP Coaching Progam

One of these NLP and Coaching resources is our unique online NLP Coaching program.

NLP World offer you the chance to take advantage of FREE access to your Bronze area, where you will be able to experience coaching tips, articles and most importantly, fantastic NLP MP3’s and NLP & Coaching videos.

The media player we have installed for you on all the levels allows you to view various training tasters and audio tracks we have provided as an insight into what kind of training and resources you’ll get from an NLP World course: For instance, we have uploaded a few audio and video files from the Silver online diploma course to show you that not only are you getting excellent training resources, yet you’ll be coaching yourself through the whole six modules as well. That gives you twice as much value, as you’ll come away with your life working better AND fantastic NLP training.

“I am enjoying the Silver Course Immensely, and with great interest (I love this stuff!!), and I hope to successfully complete it and enrol on your Master Practitioner course as soon as I can…” Mick Crane

If you want to go further with your online training and coaching we have developed a more comprehensive program. The Silver program.

More about the Silver online NLP training course

We provide the Online NLP Diploma Course, so you can enjoy learning easily at home and have more Free time to Do What You Want To Do.

Your course allows you to practice as a coach and even go forward to become a qualified Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner, with some additional live training!

NLP World are a listening company and have adapted to your requests and then developed this successful modular training course into an online version, for ease and freedom, so you can get qualified in the comfort of your own home!

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The course is designed with updated modules including current video, audio and PDF workbooks to make sure you have up to date, relevant techniques, with the most useful information for today.

Each course includes Online Multimedia Presentations so you can tailor your learning at your own speed. That way you can progress your training the fastest possible way that’s best for you. The media players we use have a balance of video and audio installed in them to make learning the easiest and most elegant for you!

You will still have the same (or very similar) training as on the live course and also you’ll get a full diploma on completion of the online modules and tests. If you want the diploma or want to go on to full certification as an NLP Practitioner or coach, you’ll get feedback from every module from one of our team.

From the Silver or Gold online training and coaching program, you are just one small step from becoming a fully qualified NLP Practitioner and Fully Qualified NLP coach. All you have to do from completing the nlp online courses is to attend a few days with us (at almost no extra cost), to finish off your accredited training.

This means you can become a qualified coach quite soon after completing an NLP course with CPD points at the completion. You’ll gain CPD points every time you attend an NLP training or complete an online NLP coaching course with us. The Coaching Society has criteria for your NLP Coaching certification. We have listed these below:

At The Coaching Society (TCS), we recognise various different training methods to becoming skilled at working with people. TCS recognises Neuro Linguistic Programming (online and face to face), Time Based Techniques, Hypnosis, Meta-Medicine, Spiral Dynamics, Sports Psychology, Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), as well as some other therapies, as good practice for coaching skills.
You can use up to 80% of your specific training categories towards your certification as an accredited coach. Therefore from 100 hours of coaching hours required, you can spend up to 80 hours on any of the above training towards you certification.We require at least 20 hours of core coaching competencies in addition to this. You can acquire these hours from recommended online courses or other recommended coaching companies.  
Combined with the training hours, we insist on you having at least ten coaching clients, with well kept notes and feedback from those clients.

Therefore if you took the 7 day NLP Practitioner course with NLP World, you’d have eighty hours out of your 100 hours needed and just need to top that up with another twenty (from master practitioner or our online course) and you will be eligible for certification.

So if you are thinking of becoming a certified and accredited coach, you can more or less do that through taking our NLP training, plus either the NLP Master Practitioner (we would include online coaching training for free), or simply taking our online NLP coaching program.  Simple.