More and more people are turning to online life coaching as the pressures of modern life make increasing demands on both our personal and professional lives.  But what exactly is online life coaching, what are the benefits and how do you choose an online life coach?

What is online life coaching?

online life coaching can be done via email, telephone skype or webcamThe internet has changed how we get information, how we communicate and socialise.  It has also made it possible for us to make contact and build relationships across the world via e-mail, messenger, telephone, skype and webcam.

An excellent description of a life coach is provided by June Steed in her article ‘What is a life coach?’.  She writes:

“Life coaching is a future focused practice that helps clients determine and achieve personal goals. Coaches are trained to use inquiry, reflection and discussion to help clients change their perceptions about limiting beliefs and move ahead to develop strategies and action plans that will bring about a happier life.”

There is no difference between an online life coach and someone who offers face-to-face sessions or services.  In fact many coaches now offer an online coaching option.  What is important is that you and the coach agree on how you will work with each other.

Why choose online life coaching?

Are there times when you are not sure what to do?  Would you like to speak to someone who is prepared to listen without judging you and work with you to solve your problems?

Whilst family, friends and work colleagues can be very important and offer suggestions, often a fresh opinion from a qualified coach can provide the solution.

Not everyone wants to discuss sensitive or personal issues face-to-face or with someone they know.  Online life coaching gives you the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a life coach who is there to help you achieve your agreed goal(s).

Life coaching – How to choose an online life coach

If after having looked carefully at your life you have identified issues that you need to address, finding the right coach for you will greatly increase your chance of success.

What type of life coach are you looking for?  Do you want a career coach, a business coach to help you professionally?

Are you looking for a relationship coach or someone who has experienced an episode and can relate to your feelings?

You may want someone to help you with a very specific issue such as weight loss, quitting smoking – then maybe a hypnotherapist would be ideal.

Perhaps you are thinking of changing your life and considering either an NLP life coach or a law of attraction coach.

Whatever you are looking for, your life coach should be someone you learn to trust, respect and most importantly a person you can work with.

With the increasing demand for life coaching we suggest you visit The NLP Life Coach Directory find a coach, take a look at their site if they have one, then contact them and get a feel of them for yourself.  After all you are the one who knows what you are looking for in your coach.

Many life coaches offer a free initial consultation specifically for this purpose. A good life coach will make you feel comfortable and will only work with you if they are confident they can deliver the results you expect. We also recommend that you ask for testimonials, past successes and their terms and conditions.

Here is an example of an interview coach coach who offers online life coaching services that may be right for you:

Dawn Moss – Your Interview Coach

Dawn has worked in a corporate environment for over ten years providing Recruitment & Selection Services, and has been involved in Coaching & Educating Business Leaders, Managers and Employees in all aspects of the recruitment process.

Dawn has extensive experience and knowledge of Interviewing Techniques, Employment Law do’s and don’ts, Best Practice, Assessment Centres & Development Centres, and Personal Development Planning.

Qualified to administer and interpret psychometric tests at BPS Level A & B. Experience of supporting the entire recruitment cycle, writing job descriptions, managing the advertising campaigns, screening applications, to designing and facilitating assessment centres, conducting behavioural competency interviews to managing the offer negotiations.

If you are considering becoming a personal life coach  you can get certification through an Online NLP  Coaching Program.   Your course allows you to practice as a coach and even go forward to become a qualified Hypnotherapist or NLP Practitioner with some additional live training!

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