NLP Technique –  Pattern Interrupt

Most people like to follow an organised or rational pattern of ideas, thoughts or events. When this pattern is broken an element of confusion is created and that can lead to instantaneous hypnotic trance.

What is Pattern Interrupt?

The explanation of Pattern Interrupt by NLP World in their excellent NLP glossary is:

A series of interruptions that break a habit or state. So much so, that the interruption becomes part of the pattern.

If you think of strategies , where to make a behaviour work it needs 1,2,3,4 to be firing in the right order, or A,B,C before it works, think of interrupting A,B,C.

When you keep interrupting the behaviour or state as it’s trying to work itself, the pattern can’t fire off and eventually the person experiences the intervention you are using as part of the process and therefore can’t successfully do the old pattern anymore!

This is not the same as a break state .

In the following video, Terry Elston  explains how Pattern Interrupt is not a break state. He also demonstrates this skillful NLP technique to embed a new pattern inside an old issue.

NLP Video -Pattern Interrupt


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