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Are you looking for an NLP Practitioner NLP Life Coach or a Life Coach?

NLP/ Neuro Linguistic Programming has become one of the leading aspects of both personal and business development.   The NLP Life Coach Directory is a valuable online resource where you can find NLP Practitioners and Life Coaches by city, area and by country.

Why choose The NLP Life Coach Directory?

The NLP Life Coach Directory is an ideal tool if you want to find a service close to you. We list NLP Practitioners and Life Coaches.

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All members are listed under the most relevant category to ensure that you find exactly what kind of service you are looking for.  An easy to use search tool means that you can search by keyword, town, area, category, name or country and get results instantly.

NLP Business Coaching and Executive Coaching.

Whether you are just starting out or an established business – great advice from proven, successful experts will increase the success of your company. NLP business coaching and executive coaching can offer you the advice strategies and solutions that could make the vital difference between success and failure.

NLP Training?

If you are interested in learning NLP, then the NLP Life Coach Directory is for you.  At the NLP Life Coach Directory you can find some of the best NLP Training organisations. Go to our NLP Practitioner Training category to access NLP Training courses, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training courses with NLP Trainers offering recognised certification.

Life Coaches

Life coaching covers a wide area. Life coaches are listed by specialisation; however you may not be sure exactly what type of coach you need, so there is a general Life Coach category where you can browse at your leisure.


Hypnotherapy is not just a therapy in its own right, but is widely used in combination with other techniques (such as CBT) by NLP Practitioners and Life Coaches.

Visit The NLP Life Coach Directory if you are considering using the services of an NLP Practitioner, Life Coach or Hypnotherapist.

If you have you ever considered using a life coach but not gone any further than thinking about it,  the first and easiest step is to take our life coaching questionnaire and answer all the questions to find out if life coaching is for you.

If you have any comments you would like to make, nlp life coach experiences you would like to share or questions that you would like answered, then use our comments form below and we will review and then post them once approved.