New Team Building Ideas

Team building is such an important part of life, not just in business but in general. Learning to work as part of a team is essential. Whether you are interested in corporate team building events, ice breakers and games or activities for team building, keeping up to date with new team building ideas will ensure that you have relevant information.

New Team Building Ideas

by James Coakes

The team building industry is well established and there are events on offer to appeal to most tastes. However, time moves on and companies need to come up with new ideas and concepts to keep their market interested.

Last year was very much a time for cooking activities, either based on cooking programmes from the television or chocolate making which proved to be the most popular team building event of the year.

Traditional country sports, or anything that seemed trivial or too much of a jolly, was generally off the menu as companies adapted in a world in which not just what you do but what you are seen to do is important. This year the market is starting to show signs of recovery and some of the fun is coming back into the industry.

Country sports style events have new activities. for example Segways – a two wheeled electric vehicle which always proves popular. They are not only a new experience for most but they appeal to the green aspirations of many businesses.

Progressive Resources have renewed and evolved all of their Command Tasks which form the basis of their Crystal Challenge format. In the past these were often made from rope, planks and tape.

These have now been uplifted and more professionally made using better materials. An inflatable dome has been added for the grand finale of the event.

Hustle is an event which teaches participants how to improve their odds in casinos, using such techniques as card counting and roulette strategies. It’s fascinating to learn more about these tactics and there are uses in business, particularly linked to understanding risk better.

Events which in some way reflect one of the many television show formats seem to prove very popular. team-building-ideas-at-the-personal-development-cafeAnything that increases life skills is popular. This is one of the reasons for the success of cooking events.

One of the other trends is a growth in sophistication of events, so murder mysteries have evolved into events where the participants become members of a jury watching a trial.

There has been an evolution beyond the corny nature of many events, so that people no longer feel embarrassed by having to take part. Rib speed boats can be used on The Thames or in The Solent.

A brand new event for 2010 is the Time Challenge, based around Greenwich and down into The City of London towards Big Ben where teams have to record the clock chiming at different times. They must also complete time themed events to collect pieces of a clock which must be assembled at the end of the event.

These are just some examples of the many new events for 2010. The team building industry is constantly evolving and the leading operators in the industry will have new ideas every year to reflect the demands of an increasingly sophisticated and experienced marketplace.

Progressive Resources runs a variety of corporate events including the team building events featured in this article. An experienced team is on hand to help clients with every stage of their event, from coming up with the best idea at the outset through to delivering the perfect event on the day.

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