Ever since CBD was made legal, there have been debates about the health benefits of CBD oil.

While there is a great deal of evidence to support the use of medicinal cannabis, there is as much concern and research about the effects of cannabis and mental health issues.

Let’s get this straight.  We are talking about strong strains of ‘weed’ (such as the type commonly called skunk) that are chemically enhanced and NOT natural.

Organisations such as Drug Science have carried out extensive research and studies to provide clear, evidence-based information.

However, we were contacted by someone who is in their mid twenties who is actually going through the problems of using cannabis.

The following is their experiences of using ‘weed’.

We have presented it in a Question and Answer format.  This is a real conversation with language some people may find offensive.  But as we are talking about real issues, about the effects of cannabis and mental health, we are sure you will understand.

effects of cannabis and mental health

The Effects of Cannabis and Mental Health Issues

Really glad to hear about your giving up the weed. Psychosis will definitely improve as will anxiety issues.

I dont have pychosis. During my time with weed I learnt how bad it actually is and all the bs no one talks about.  I was on it for just over a year non stop.

You only hear about the benefits and such. No one tells you that today’s weed is like 10x stronger and is full of THC and not so much CBD.

The way the plants are grown now isnt the same as 30 years ago. It’s really fucking people up.  It’s a trend now though. People want it legal because it’s ‘only a plant’.

They don’t care. It’s a business.  They talk about CBD not realising that the way its grown now it barely contains any CBD.  Only like .01 or .02% of it is CBD and up to 25% THC.

I first smoked it about 10 years ago and I put my addiction down to my mental health.  But back then I’d never crave it the way I do now.

We do promote medicinal CBD on the site, but give the facts and make sure we tell the difference between CBD and cannabis or strong ‘weed’ such as skunk.

CBD is good. I’ve been using that.  THC no good.  People are selling thc vape liquid.  Concentrated THC.   It’s just the THC that is extracted.  Kids are on it.

I know. The body has natural cannadidoids.  It’s the THC and other addictive chemicals that makes skunk and other modern weeds so harmful.  We are getting CBD companies offering money to be on the website.

I get my stuff from Provacan.

I went cold turkey and lost my shit.

So glad that you are off it.

It (weed) takes over your whole life man.  I used to smoked it every day.  Like every 3 hours. I couldn’t cope with being sober and just smoked and smoked.

So glad that you have given up.

weed and mental health

Obviously my mental health played a part in it.  But I told myself it was harmless because it’s only a plant and it’s better that drinking or sniffing.  Looking back now I can really see the effects it had. I lost friends because of it.

All my money went on it. Everything I did, weed came first. I would always make sure I had weed. Food didn’t matter, friends or family didn’t matter.  Nothing did.  As long as I had weed.

I was on my way to having a psychotic breakdown because of it.  I think that was down to my genes though.

I would always justify it like – I dont have a job so fuck it why not?  It’s helping my mental health so fuck it why not?  Bad stuff.

It’s like any addiction. You justify it, surround yourself with like minded people and defend it – you will do all the things you have described until you admit that it’s a problem.

I wanted a j (joint) yesterday and ‘missed’ smoking it.  I’ve also stopped smoking tobacco as well lol.

Great to hear that you have given up tobacco. This is absolutely great news.  The great thing is that you are giving up at the perfect time.

I’m on your site.

Search for cbd and the articles will appear.

I’m reading the first one. Very informative. Do you write them?


It’s not like those articles that are trying to force their opinions onto to you.  Fucking hate those.

I’m having trouble speaking at the moment. I can’t string a full sentence together for some reason.  I’ve been unemployed for 6 months now and I feel like I’ve gone dumb.

I’m also not well and I think I’m dying.

It doesn’t matter how it sounds. It’s the message. People want to hear from REAL people who have experienced what they are talking about.

I can write note versions and you can fix it ?

Of course.

I’m so disconnected from the world

The Effects of Cannabis and Mental Health On Teenagers

It’s good to hear it from someone like you who has lived it or is living it and can say things in a way that your generation can relate to.  Your story will touch loads of people going through the same thing.

Ask me questions to answer.  Coz i dont know how to tell a story.

Okay.  Why did you start smoking weed?

At first it was for fun. Group of friends getting stoned and having a good time.  It then turned into a coping mechanism.

How long was it for fun?

At first it was a once in a blue moon type of thing. Would smoke it once every month or so. It was like that for awhile.

How long is awhile?

This time round it took 3 4 months for me to be on it every day. It started off as one or 2 joints a week for fun.  I’ve smoked it since I was 15, so I don’t know.

I would only smoke it a few times a week and then stop for weeks and then smoke it for a week and then stop.

cannabis and mental health issues

My mental health has been really bad the past year so I started smoking it every day.  Well it was 1 joint every night.

Then it went to 2 joints a night.  And then I started smoking it during the day.  Then that 1 or 2 joints a night.  And then I started smoking it when I woke up.  And then during the day and the 1 or 2 at night.  It was to help me sleep. That was the excuse/reason why I started smoking it every night.

Tolerance builds really fucking quickly, so 1 j is never enough. The next day you have to smoke the same as yesterday and extra.

After the first j of the day all the other js were just chasers really.

I’m going to ask you specific questions. Can you answer them honestly without giving away your real identity. Okay?


What made you start smoking weed at 15?

I don’t know.   I found a pre-rolled j in the house and stole it.  Around that age I first started getting depressed I guess.

I noticed I wasnt normal.

What do you mean by ‘normal’?

I had always been the type that said I would never touch that stuff, but I started to not care about anything and thought fuck it why not.

Like I have issues lol.  I think I wanted to fit in.  Not fit in.  Like have something cool to show off because I wasnt getting that kind of attention at home.   I hated home and getting stoned with my pals was somthing really ‘positive’ for me at the time.

How Cannabis Effects Mental Health And Education

How did this affect your school life? You were only 15. These were the most important years of your education.

I started to do really bad. I stopped caring about my school work.  I would get into trouble more
for not doing my work.

I was actually quite clever and alright with my work and I went down hill. Like really quickly.

They brought my parents in for meetings because of it. 😂 They thought something was going on at home type of thing.

And at this stage how much were you smoking?

Erm not much few joints between 3 4 people every day of school for about 6 months because I got caught and was suspended.

I wasn’t allowed to go on work experience becasue of it.  They said it was because I wasnt trusted. It was at Greggs!  As if I was going to get stoned beforehand and eat all the pies!

It was (GCSE) exam time as well.

I swear down weed was the cause of my anxiety back then.

How did you do at school and what was the affect of smoking weed?

I did bad in year 10.  Like really bad. Grades were bad, everything was bad. I was good at maths and I went stoned to one of the exams 🤦‍♀️

I was put in for higher paper because I was that good and I flicked through the pages because I was stoned and I had already got my grade C and thought “I don’t need this.”

But yeah I started experiencing anxiety. Didnt know it was anxiety at the time but yeah I would constantly worry and my heart would beat really fast.

I did better in year 11 and fixed some of my grades and then went down hill again in sixth form because I smoked it then too but not as often because I started my drinking problem 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

My whole youth is just me and my problems. 😂

Believe me, it’s not just you. So many will relate.  Mental health and addiction often go hand in hand.

alcohol cannabis mental health

Yeah.   I really believe I wouldn’t have these problems if I didn’t have mental health problems.

I had my first drink at 11. Like what kind of child thinks about drinking at that age?  I was by myself as well, so it wasn’t peer pressure or anything.  My dad was a drunk though so I think it was more curiosity than anything.

Do you feel comfortable talking about it?

Yeah. I just thought damn I’ve had these problems since I was young.  It’s not something that developed in the last couple of years.

Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for getting me talking lol.

Okay.  Thank you for sharing your experiences.  Please check out the mental health quotes and other articles about anxiety and depression on the site.


This is the first part of our discussion with a young person about the effects of cannabis and mental health issues.

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