Military Resettlement advice and guidance and where to get it now

As campaigns near the end for military personnel in regions such as Afghanistan, Iran and countries reduce the size of their armed forces, many servicemen and women are facing the prospect of civilian life. The need for military resettlement advice and guidance continues.

Whether you are due for discharge, have recently been discharged or left the services many years ago, the facts show that the transition from service to civilian life daunting.

Whilst there are now excellent military resettlement and training packages available to serving members of the forces; this was not always so. As a result many ex-service personnel found it difficult to cope with the transition.

It can be very frustrating adapting to how things operate differently in civilian life.  In the armed forces one of the first things you are taught and learn to appreciate is the team structure and the importance of each team member. The closeness and comradeship of a military unit – be it ship, regiment or squadron – which may have been built up over years and kept you alive in life threatening situations may be alien to many civilians.

You know who to turn to in the military. There is a clearly defined chain of command. But on discharge you may have to deal with the lack of a familiar, organised structure and routine. Who do you turn to once you are a civilian? Where do you go if you are having difficulty with accommodation, finding employment, debt or financial difficulties?

Military Resettlement – advice and assistance

We hope that the organisations below can provide you or anyone needing military resettlement advice and  information to help your civilian life as rewarding as you deserve.

If you manage, belong to or know of any organisation that you believe is of use for former service personnel, please do not hesitate in contacting us – we will gladly add all appropriate information.

find-great-military-resettlement-advice-and-links-at-the-personal-development-cafe.comUseful UK Military Resettlement sites:

Royal British Legion
The Royal British Legion provides help and welfare to the serving and ex-Service community and their families.

SSAFA provides lifelong support for British Forces and their families.

Veteran’s Aid
Veterans Aid is the major charity for UK veterans in crisis. Veterans Aid can help you with accommodation, addictions, Foreign and Commonwealth issues, mental health problems and access to training and education.


For help and information on Armed Forces Pensions, compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service and provides a package of welfare support for veterans.

Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes is a charity formed to help those who have been wounded in Britain’s current conflicts.

Combat Stress
Mental welfare society in the UK that helps ex-service personnel suffering from psychological injuries and mental health problems.

The Regular Forces Employment Association helps those leaving the Armed Forces to find and to remain in employment throughout their working lives.

get-valuable-military-resettlement-advice-at-the-personal-development-cafeUseful US Military Resettlement sites:

We Hire Heroes
WeHireHeroes” is a network of local job boards that provides veteran-friendly employment leads, resources, and coaching for military veterans in their local communities.