Whether through choice or due to financial pressures, there are now more mature job seekers competing in the labour market.

If you are a mature job seeker who has been out of work for a while, perhaps changing careers is an option you could consider. But what exactly would this mean?

Mature Job Seekers Changing Careers Options

Updating skills

Learning new skills can be a great way of identifying new career opportunities. You may have been in one role for sometime – changing careers may require gaining new skills or qualifications.

If you have clear idea of what training you need to get the job you would like. The next step is to find a suitable course, programme and enrol.  Ask what courses your local college offers or if you are going to have to undertake a university course.

On the other hand, if you have no set career plan or want to consider doing something completely new, then retraining may inspire you or introduce you to a totally different field.


Self-employment for Mature Job Seekers

For many mature job seekers, working for themselves can be the ideal solution. Perhaps you have gained industry specific expertise and would like to provide advice as a consultant or work independently on a freelance basis.

Self-employment comes in many guises. The ability to control your own work-life balance, determine how much you charge for your services make self-employment sound like a very tempting option.

However, we suggest that you get advice before choosing this route. Find out what the financial implications of self employment are.

Will you be eligible for any government or social funding?  Is there a need for your services? What is the local/national/international competition like?  Will you make enough income to be able to afford paying all your bills?  Will it lead to the lifestyle you want?

Starting your own business

Perhaps one of the most significant career change people make is starting their own business. As with self-employment this is an option that should be carefully approached.  You may consider using the services of a business coach to provide you with the necessary advice and guidance about starting your own business.

Sites Offering Special Advice to Mature Job Seekers

There are many organisations that offer special advice to people over 40. These are just a couple based in the UK.

Age UK

Age UK aim to improve later life for everyone through information and advice, campaigns, products, training and research.

Transition to Teach

Interested in making a career change? Transition to Teach is a free service funded by the Department for Education.​

Here are a couple of sites based in the USA.

Retirement Jobs

RetirementJobs.com was founded in 2005 by a team of professionals with senior executive backgrounds in media, online recruiting and human capital management.


For the 50+ workforce, Workforce50.com has jobs and information to help navigate your job search or a search for a new direction.

If you or your organisation offer advice for mature job seekers in your country, why not use the comment form below or contact us to highlight your services to others.

Moving and working abroad

After years of hard work the lure of living and working abroad is appealing to more and more mature job seekers. The thought of a relaxed stress free lifestyle in a sunny climate can seem so tempting.

But before you contemplate a move abroad, there are a few questions you should consider such as:

  • Will you need to learn a new language?
  • Will your skills be needed?
  • What is the economic situation of your chosen country.
  • Will you adapt to the culture and lifestyle.
  • What health and social care is available.

Moving and working abroad can offer exciting new experiences and prospects, but you should always take into account the realities of day to day life.

Use the internet to carry out research, find out all you can about the country you intend to move to, talk to others can who offer you advice and if possible actually visit the country to get a feel for the life ahead.

Go to our job search by country page to see what types of jobs are currently available, what qualifications and experience are required and salaries you can expect to command.

If you choose to move and work abroad, we hope you make your experience enjoyable.

Here at The Personal Development Cafe we know that one of the best things to do with knowledge is to pass it on.  A good site for further useful information is  Career Shifters.

Would you like to share your experience with other mature job seekers?  If you would like to add to the topic, ask a question or think you have the answer to a question posted, use the comment form below.