Are you looking for your first job? Here is an important tip.  Remember the Power of Networking.  You will be surprised how many people get their first jobs as a result of contacts.

Looking for your first job? Ten People Who Will Help

Professional employment coaches working with clients seeking their first job will always remind them to network. They get used to hearing the same bewildered reply “But I don’t know anyone!”

Their next step is to hand out a simple diagram with ME in the middle and arrows shooting off in five directions. The idea is to put in the names of five people who might be able to help you get a job.  Ask each of them if THEY know anyone who could help, and add their names. Now you have ten names to network with. Take a deep breath and make contact. Just try it.

looking for your first job

For a start, what about your own close family? Many teenagers get their first taste of paid work through their parents, or a friend of Mum or Dad.  Aunties, uncles and neighbours are all potential sources of practical help. Teachers and lecturers likewise. The Lifeguard at the Leisure Centre, the Platform Attendant on the train station. If they’re friendly ask them too. It’s a simple question – is there any recruitment going on?

looking for your first jobLooking for your first job?  Keep Calm and Use Your Contacts.

Someone you babysat for? They could also be good for a reference! A holiday work experience at a parent’s office? Another lead. Anyone who actually has a job could give you a useful steer towards employment – so long as they know you’re looking for work.

How about your social media contacts? Let friends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other networks know that you are looking too.

Your First Job May Be Volunteering

If you do not have any previous work experience, should you consider voluntary work when looking for your first job?  After all a voluntary position is a way to increase your network of contacts isn’t it?

Voluntary work is fine, but be careful of “non jobs” that take advantage.  A job ad that wants 40 people to start on Monday, who “Can earn” hundreds of pounds a day is probably after free sales leads.  A proper internship, where you learn a valuable set of skills for the career you want, is well worth having.

Having voluntary work on your CV / resume always strengthens your case with a hiring manager or employer, so get yourself out there and make yet more contacts while serving your community. Charity shops and libraries are crying out for unpaid help.