Life coaches specialize in many areas, but most will agree that organisation is an important means of achieving your goals.  This article offers some life coaching tips that can help you find success.

Life Coaching Tips To Organize Yourself For Success
by Natalie Dee

Nothing succeeds like success. A small ‘victory’ on your chosen path fills you with joy and gives the strength and confidence to pursue further. To make success a habit is difficult but not impossible.

Strength and confidence along with hard work and determination may help you progress in the desired direction.

How do you organize your progress so that your life goals are realized? The process is as important as the destination.

Organize your Time

For many of us, time is money. We all have 24 hours in a day but how we all wish we had more! Leaving aside seven to eight hours for sleep, you may want to plan the hours on hand.

You can plan your personal time and office time separately. The key is to optimize time utilization. You may have 10 minutes free in between meetings at office – you may want to finish with an important phone call.

With experience, you may realize, the better you organize your personal life, the more efficient your output in office. Also understand how you ‘waste’ time, so you may and put it to better use.

life coaching tips by natalie dee at the personal development cafeOrganize your Tasks

Preparing separate ‘to-do’ lists for home and office helps you switch-on and switch-off. It helps to write down even the smallest of tasks; it keeps you from being over-ambitious and anxious about getting work done.

Big tasks when broken down into small tasks leave you with a sense of progress and achievement. You may start planning for a weekend dinner from Monday itself. You may write the menu on Monday, go shopping on Tuesday and organize your refrigerator through the rest of the week to come out flying colors for the Saturday dinner.

Similarly, plan and prepare for an important office meeting.

Organize your papers

At office, you can de-clutter your desk. You probably need to set aside only an hour every week to keep your desk clear of ‘pending’ tasks. You can file and label the files with appropriate titles; throw or give away unwanted things.

Seek help from a colleague or an office assistant if needed. You may like to organize information on your computer desktop too. Put all information in properly-labeled folders; it helps in information retrieval and increases your efficiency.

At home, see if you can set aside a weekend for paying bills and organizing your savings and even planning your breaks and holidays.

‘Organize’ your Thoughts and Emotions

Life coaches say ‘organizing for success’ starts with oneself. Try to analyze your first victory and ask yourself what the determining factors were and whether these factors would be in your control in future endeavors.

Similarly, you could perhaps analyze your last failure or ‘less victorious’ achievement. Such personal brainstorming helps you organize your thoughts and emotions, enables you to put your anxieties to rest and prepares you to handle future situations better.

You may also find it useful to hold a de-briefing session with yourself, colleagues or family after important events – for example, after an eventful meeting or at the end of an unusual day.

Introspection and Inspiration

It is a normal human tendency to think much about our failures and little of our victories. You may want to maintain a ‘success diary’; reading the entries convinces you of the long course charted by you from where you started.

Self-assurance is the best assurance. Ultimately it is about believing in yourself; one needs to believe in his/her dreams to see them come through! Having role models helps; reading about them and their life struggles and how they were overcome, may provide you with the inspiration and motivation to forge ahead in your own life.

There are many different approaches you can take to move more and more towards the success you seek to create in your own life. Remember the interpretation of success is very individual to each of us. The tips and suggestions mentioned here are only some of the very many ways available to you to use.

Whether you choose to work with a life coach or a business coach to attain greater success in your personal or business life is your choice, chances are if you are focused and committed you will succeed either way.

All the best,

Natalie Dee
Life Coach & Business Coach

Natalie Dee - Author of Life Coaching TipsThe author of Life Coaching Tips, Natalie Dee is a specialist in life coaching and business coaching with clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

Coaching promotes confidence, fulfillment and success in peoples’ lives. Life coaching and business coaching creates change in communication skills and self confidence.

In her business capacity, Natalie offers a range of coaching services including one-to-one coaching and professional workshops.

Natalie Dee is also the co-author of an ebook on self confidence, for more details visit her website.

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