If you are looking for a great motivational video, this Les Brown Chinese Bamboo tree motivational video has to be one of the best.

Les Brown can be included alongside all the greatest modern motivational speakers. In this particular motivational video he uses the example of the Chinese Bamboo tree to highlight some important qualities you will need throughout life.

Watch the video and see how well he has demonstrated what it takes to succeed.

The fact is that if we want to achieve our goals and become successful, there will be times when we are tested.

Positive thinking is so important if you want to be successful.  Others may not see or believe in your dreams.

You may face setbacks or doubters. But if you have the confidence and self-belief in what you are doing, you CAN achieve your goals.

If you want to change your life for the better, it doesn’t have to be a long process.  Sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest.