The link between lemons and negative energy is nothing new.

Lemons have long been used by practitioners of Feng Shui and Buddhism.  Like water, lemons have the ability to pick up on the presence of negative energy.

If a lemon is in a room full of good energy, it retains its yellowish colour.  However, if there is negative energy present in the room, the lemon will begin to develop black dots or a fuzzy green effect.

lemons remove negative energy

There are many benefits of using lemons including body detoxification and better sleep.

So when Tottenham Hotspur FC manager Mauricio Pochettino gave an interview, he talked frankly about how he used lemons to remove negative energy.

Not only that, he also gives examples of how he incorporates the Law of Attraction in his life.

From lemons to the Law of Attraction

When you listen to the interview, you will clearly realise that Mauricio Pochettino is aware just what the Law of Attraction is.

Not only is he aware of the Law of Attraction,  he believes and gives examples of how he uses it.  By visualing and thinking positively, Pochettino’s mindset means that he is more likely to manifest his dreams.