Are you like so many people who underestimate the value of your hobbies and interests on your CV?  This may not be the first or most important thing you consider, but think about how they can work for you.

Your hobbies and interests are a great way to show your character and what you are like away  from the workplace.  They can also show or support the skills and the knowledge that you can apply to the role.

Here are some popular hobbies and interests and what they demonstrate.

Hobbies and interests: Acting / Dance

your hobbies and interests dance

Both these interests show your ability to learn – whether it is dialogue, simple or complex dance routines.  They also demonstrate your ability to work with others, time management and dedicati

Hobbies and interests: Art

your hobbies and interests photography

Are you into drawing, painting or photography?  Including any of these interests can demonstrate your artistic and creative side.

Hobbies and interests: Charity Work/ Volunteering

Including charity work on your CV can show that you are caring, empathetic and enthusiastic.  Not only will it demonstrate that you have passion for your particular causes, it will also help highlight your ability to work as a team.

Hobbies and interests: Music

your hobbies and interests music

Nearly everyone has some interest in music.  Whether you like classical, dance, opera, popular or less mainstream types of music, it can give an insight into your character.  Being a performer adds even more levels. Playing in a band shows team working. An MC or DJ is often a good communicator who is able to express themselves.

Hobbies and interests: Reading

your hobbies and interests reading

Reading can show your thirst for knowledge. It also means that you are probably able to concentrate, read and take in information. All of these skills would be very useful for research based tasks.

If you have a very good knowledge of a specialist subject or genre, this may even open doors to certain careers.

Hobbies and interests: Sports

Whether you love football, netball, tennis, or cricket – including sports on your CV shows that you are driven, motivated and competitive. Team sports can also demonstrate that you work well as part of a team.  Adding any awards or achievements you have gained can reinforce your ambition.

If including dangerous sports, you should be careful to reassure the reader that this will not affect your ability to do your job (i.e. not taking time off for injuries).

Hobbies and interests: Travel

your hobbies and interests travel

Travelling is a great way to find out about yourself as a person, to grow and gain more independence. It also helps to learn about other cultures, broaden your horizons and further develop your communication skills.  Employers are well aware of this, so it’s definitely something worth putting on your CV.

Hobbies and interests: Writing

your hobbies and interests writing

Do you keep a diary, review local bands, write poetry or a blog? Highlighting your writing shows that you are both creative and underline that you have good communication skills. It can also demonstrate that you are a reflective or analytical person with good attention to detail.

So before you apply for a job, make sure that you read and analyse the job advert carefully.  It might well be that adding your interests on your CV can help you get an interview.