Key Requirements for Administrative Assistant resume

Whether your Administrative Assistant resume is submitted because you are applying for an advertised job or speculatively as part of your job search, it should clearly demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge of the role of Administrative Assistant.

So what exactly does an Administrative Assistant do?

The answer is so wide-ranging depending on the sector you are working in, the size of the company/organisation, whether in a junior or senior role etc. For example a junior may find their initial duties will consist largely of opening and filing correspondence, data entry, photocopying etc. However someone in a senior role may be responsible for a much larger and varied workload including delegation and supervision. They may have to schedule meetings and appointments, book travel arrangements and perhaps accompany senior managers where required.

When writing your resume it should be kept in mind that the job being applied for call for a person who is organised, efficient and neat. So before you construct your resume, make sure you are quite confident of the role. Write a list of all the requirements for the job and let your resume demonstrate you have all the necessary skills and qualifications.

What should your Administrative Assistant resume include?

The first thing to begin any resume with are your contact details. Make sure you provide all the necessary information to make it easy for the potential employer to be able to contact you at any time. Include your name, address, contactable telephone number and email address.


Whether you applying for a junior or senior position, your Administrative Assistant Resume should demonstrate certain specific skills such as:

  • excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • good organisational skills computer literate and keyboard skills (include typing speed if impressive)
  • industry specific qualifications/knowledge (e.g. flight booking system used by travel agents)

Employment summary:

An employer is more than likely going to want to know what you were doing before you applied for this job. Your resume should provide them with relevant details of previous jobs. Most employers only require ten years employment history or the last 3 jobs held if you have more than 10 years experience.

If you are a school leaver, college graduate or have very little work experience it is always advisable to include any voluntary, charity or community service work you have carried out on your resume.

Education, qualifications and achievements:

List all your relevant education in chronological order. Your prospective employer will usually want to know the most current things first. There is no need to enter your junior schools or kindergarten. Include any certificates which you have received for computer programming, typing, any seminars, clubs and organizations to which you belong that you think will be useful in order to get the job.


The resume objective should be concise, easily understood and honest.  It should clearly outline your future goals and how you would fit in to the organisation to which you are applying


You should always have  referees who you can rely on and are willing to give you a reference if necessary. However; unless you are in a profession where this  information is mandatory (e.g. security, education or health) this does not have to  provided but addressed  bystating that references are available on request.

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