Is a Personal Life Coach Right For You?

He Who Knows

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When contemplating whether a Personal Life Coach is right for you, one of the best ways to decide is to tackle the question by answering some important questions. Once you have these answers, then you will be in a much greater position to make an informed decision. So we have provided questions that may assist you.

What is a personal life coach?

is a personal life coach right for you? find out at the personal development cafeThe world has changed rapidly over the last few decades. With increasing globalisation the speed information, news, music, fashion trends and lifestyle choices are spread is remarkable.

Years ago it may have been considered indulgent to use the services of someone to advise on matters such as relationships, public speaking or career options; these days it is quite acceptable to enlist the support of someone who can offer you alternatives that you might not have considered.

In essence a life coach is someone you can turn to in order to help you explore opportunities that help you improve your lifestyle or broaden your outlook by using various techniques to consider the impact your choices could have. There are many types of life coaches, with many specialising in a specific area such as business, relationship, confidence or health and fitness.

What do personal life coaches do?

A personal life coach does not have to be a substitute for a psychologist or therapist. What they offer are techniques and strategies that you can employ by working with them. A life coach will help you find the solution that is right for your needs. Unlike doctors they do not prescribe, how-to-choose-a-life-coach? find out at the personal development cafebut through consultation a life coach and their client will come to an agreed plan of action to reach their desired goal. For example someone wishing to overcome low self-esteem may prefer using the services of an online life coach to retain their anonymity. Together they agree to write down a number of actions the client feels comfortable performing and set a completion date for actually carrying them out.

A personal life coach cannot make your life better, but they can help you work through problems that you have in your life and get you to a point in your life where you are able to do the things you really want to do. So when deciding on a life coach remember that you need to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who you are prepared to put in the required effort in order to succeed.

How Do I Find The Right Life Coach?

If after having looked carefully at your life you have identified issues that you need to address, finding the right coach for you will greatly increase your chance of success.

With the increasing demand for life coaching and the many different styles, accreditation and certification, there are many web sites for life coaches and various directories that list their services.

The NLP Life Coach Directory is a directory where you can find a life coach for your needs. We suggest you find a coach in your area, take a look at their site if they have one, then contact them and get a feel of them for yourself. After all you are the one who knows what you are looking for in your coach. Many life coaches offer a free initial consultation specifically for this purpose. A good coach will make you feel comfortable and will only work with you if they are confident they can deliver the results you expect. We also recommend that you ask for testimonials, past successes and their terms and conditions.

Are you interested in Becoming A Personal Life Coach?  At The Personal Development Cafe we have created a page that can teach you how you can learn what’s needed on the path to a becoming a Personal Life Coach.  You can also find useful information on our Coaching Articles page.

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