Including achievements on your CV is a great way to get your CV noticed.  As the increase in use of CVs and resumes to screen job applicants continues, it is important for you to keep your CV up to date.

There are many different CV formats, but what is really important is the content.  Your CV or resume has to do these things:

  • Catch the reader’s interest
  • Show you have the required skills, qualities and experience to do the job
  • Get you an invite to interview

Why include your achievements on your CV?

Modern hiring managers and recruiters are looking for candidates who can add value to their organisation. In essence you need to show what you can offer them.

Whether you are a mature job seeker or new to the job market, adding achievements on your CV is a great way to highlight your successes.

Writing in the third person is a great way to sum up your achievements in a few sentences.  Use action words such as: achieved, created, led, implemented, improved, introduced, devised, sourced.

Which achievements should you include?

The reason for adding achievements on your CV is to bring your accomplishments or performance to the reader’s attention.  The examples you include should demonstrate and re-enforce qualities that are needed for the job.

By using work-based examples you can relate to specific areas of the job you are applying for.  In-work examples can include situations where you have saved money,  time or increased sales for a company / organisation:

  • Introducing systems that increased profitability
  • Created a new company website that increased engagement and new customers
  • Awarded prize for best salesperson for 3  consecutive years

Should you include educational achievements on your CV?

include educational achievements on your cv

In general it is best to include one achievement for each job on your CV.  If you have a work-based example, use it.  However, if you have an exceptional or impressive educational award, that could provide a great opportunity to highlight it.

For example:

  • Gaining a scholarship to a prestige school
  • Receiving a prized award or honour at University

You can also include educational achievements on your CV if this is your first job or you have very little work experience.  By adding a suitable achievement, you can demonstrate that you have the skills and qualities required.

Try to make sure the achievement shows that you have the transferable skills relevant to the job.

Sporting achievements on your CV

Including sporting achievements on your CV is a great idea.  If you have represented your area / province / country  at sport, that can show you are a good team player.  It can also show that you are dedicated and able to achieve your goals.

Voluntary or community achievements on your CV

Listing voluntary or community achievements on your CV can highlight your commitment and loyalty.  Examples you can use include:

  • Fundraising
  • Organising community events


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