More and more people are turning to hypnosis for weight loss and weight related issues.  Hypnosis has proved successful in helping many people to quit smoking and the option of a therapy such as hypnosis rather than taking pills or embarking on endless diets can provide an alternative that deals with behaviourial means of losing weight.

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss – How Effective Is It?

by Alfredo Pantoja

Hypnosis for weight loss is still a relatively new technique, although it can still be extremely effective, especially when combined with a sensible diet and exercise. Hypnosis works so well because most overweight people want to lose weight – the technique taps into their subconscious mind. Long term hypnosis sessions reinforce this over time, so that food cravings are minimal – a big advantage over diets or trends that don’t remove the food cravings. Most people simply put the weight back on after trying to diet for some time.

Other uses for hypnosis

Insomnia hypnosis is also a tried and tested technique. Many programs require you to play a recorded message while in bed. The message that is heard both sends you to sleep and continues to work on a subconscious level while you are asleep. The process is a naturally relaxing one and even those with bad insomnia find that they are able to sleep through the night. Regardless of the reasons that are causing insomnia, hypnosis helps to ensure a good night’s sleep.

hypnosis for weight lossAnother effective technique is using hypnosis for smoking; many a smoker has found success with this method. Stop smoking hypnotherapy helps to remove the body’s craving for nicotine and reinforce those feelings over time. It’s estimated that the average smoker tries to stop at least five times before being successful – hypnosis is often the method that works when others have failed. If you are looking for hypnotherapy for weight loss, or for any other reason, there are some things that you should consider. Always make sure that your hypnotherapist is a licensed practitioner; most practitioners also provide the first session for free. In fact, a lot of the time it isn’t even necessary to see anyone – many self-hypnosis tapes are widely available for smoking, weight loss and other conditions.

Hypnosis really can work if you approach it with an open mind. All of us are capable of being hypnotized, even those of us who are skeptical and hypnosis for weight loss is a proven success. Mind over matter is perhaps something of a cliché, but that’s exactly how the technique of hypnosis works.

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