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If you are lucky enough to find a job early in your job search the process of finding a job can often be painless. But if you find yourself looking for a job longer than you expected it can have an effect on your outlook unless you have a system and a support system in place.

Knowing how to stay motivated during your job search will ensure that your efforts are more focused and therefore more productive.  One of the best ways of maintaining a positive attitude during your jobsearch is to build a network of contacts.  By joining  a  job club you can meet others who may be able to give you the encouragement you need.

Visiting local libraries or community centres that offer free resources such as internet access, newspapers or experienced staff may allow you to expand your job search.

This job search article gives some easy tips you can use to help stay motivated during your job hunting.

In a job search, it’s vital to stay upbeat and motivated

By Lenny Keitel

It’s easy to throw in the towel!

Economic times have been difficult for job seekers who are wondering where their career plans fit into all of the chaos. For downsized workers unemployed for an extended period, it is easy to lose interest and motivation pursuing employment due to multiple factors. Several of these include – frustration, age discrimination, lack of interest, despair and, loss of self-confidence. The pervasive denial of any potential job opportunities renders the frustrated job seeker feeling depressed and hopeless resulting from a pattern of rejection, disappointment, and lack of responses.

Stay optimistic and motivated

It’s not uncommon for frustrated job-seekers to envelop themselves in a sphere clouded with the perception that job hiring is non-existent, consequently, why waste one’s time? They are inclined to place blame for failures elsewhere as opposed to taking an introspective look at the rationale behind their lack of success. Conversely, successful job-seekers are persistent and proactive; exhibiting a positive attitude and demeanor that exudes self-confidence and tenacity. They aggressively market themselves, exploiting every possible resource and networking channel to their full advantage.

Revisit your search tactics

The successful job seeker is productive because they typically manage their search as a project – listing all tasks, schedules, contingencies, and follow-up activities. They ensure each activity or task is diligently monitored and updated to sustain progress and momentum. What tactics should one employ before entering the job search arena?

Review Your Resume – Avoid the disastrous mistake which may have derailed your job search from the onset – an uninspiring resume.

Posting Your Resume – Be discriminating where you post your resume and restrict postings to two or three job boards. Indeed.com is a recommended start for your search.

Apply to the Right Positions – Focus on the job postings where you have the right skills.

Re-evaluate your ‘Job Alerts’ – Confirm if your automated job alerts are yielding the best possible results based on jobs you really want.

Revisit Your Social Networks – ‘LinkedIn’ is the preferred network for job seekers. Be disciplined about updating your site profile with relevant and current information.

Research Companies in Advance – Always visit the corporate website before applying there for a position. Utilize the corporate Values and Mission statements to your full advantage.

The harder you work, the greater the rewards!

A job search is an exasperating and cumbersome effort. The good news, the harder you work at it, the greater the rewards! It’s time to become re-engaged by applying a methodical approach to your search. This change must include a refreshing new positive attitude, a plan, and the relentless resolve to secure a job. The job-seeker cannot take an indiscriminate approach with such an important life changing event. It’s vital that your search incorporates structure and a compelling desire to succeed!

Lenny Keitel runs Hudson Valley Resumes in Monroe, NY, a premier nationwide Resume Writing Service with a penchant for crafting compelling resumes which inspire and motivate the hiring manager through its inspirational content, clarity, and visual appeal.

Article Source: https://ezinearticles.com

Remember one of the best ways to stay motivated in a job search is to build a network of contacts.  Not only does this help you reduce job search stress, it can significantly improve your chances of finding the job you deserve.

Sometimes just reading a few words can relieve the stress, lift our mood and provide the motivation to inspire us to carry on and get the results we want. A great personal development quote can lift our confidence if we are suffering from low self-esteem or in a depressed mood. A humorous quote can bring a smile; which is often all we need to pick us up and give us the self belief we need to carry on.

Would you like further job hunting tips or advice? Perhaps you would you like to add a comment or to share your knowledge and experiences with others by posting an article? Maybe you have a specific question that you would like answered. Then use our comment form below.

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