5 Tricky Interview Questions

For some people the interview process can be nerve racking.  There are some interview questions that can often be misinterpreted.  Sometimes it is a matter of how they are phrased.  Or it may be that you are unsure just what type of answer the interviewer is looking for.  When faced with these tricky interview questions some people freeze or panic and then lose confidence in themselves.  This does not have to be the case.  Follow these tips and facing tricky interview questions won’t be so daunting.

How to deal with tricky interview questions

learn how to answer tricky interview questions at the personal development- afeOne of the most important interview skills is listening.  Take your time and listen.  By doing so you will usually find that  the answer is often provided in the question.  For example, one tricky interview question that can be expected is “tell me about yourself”.  It is surprising how many people fall over when asked this interview question.

In the video below we address 5 tricky interview questions that you may be asked.  We give explanations of what the interviewer is looking for.  Why you are being asked this question and provided sample answers.

5 Tricky Interview Questions Video


The great thing is that  interview skills can be improved. For example you can take a virtual job interview in the comfort of your own home.

By familiarising yourself with the tricky interview questions you are likely to be asked, your interview skills presentation will seem more natural and your confidence will increase.  You can also find some popular interview questions and interview questions you may be asked here at The Personal Development Cafe.

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