Learning how to deal with rejection after an interview is an essential; if somewhat painful part of the hiring process.

In most cases there is just one job on offer, but many applicants.  That means a lot of disappointed candidates.

In her excellent video, Dawn Moss of  YourInterviewCoach addresses three main points that will help you to deal with rejection after an interview.

Here are 3 main points that will help you deal with rejection after an interview:

  1. Reflect on the decision objectively – Look at how you performed. Could you have done better by giving different answers or examples?  Did you build rapport with the interviewer?  If you believe you have done the best you can, then don’t change anything.
  2. Ask for feedback – Be professional and use this as a positive learning experience. If you receive good feedback, take it onboard. You may have been close to landing the job or may be offered an alternative post.
  3. Do not dwell on a negative outcome. – You can’t change the outcome, but you can change how you handle the situation. Try to keep a positive mental attitude. Get back on your jobsearch and you will get hired.

Using the services of a professional interview coach  is a great way to avoid rejection after an interview.  A good interview coach will be able to provide you with impartial feedback designed to help you deal with rejection.