How to De-stress Your Job

A job for any person is the bread and butter for his family. The more effectively a person handles his job the more productive the person becomes. For the job to be effective it is essential that all the things are done in a clear and organized way and stress is the main impediment. Knowing how to de-stress your job will greatly improve your quality of life.

de-stress-your-job-the-personal-development-cafeOurs is a society which is quite different from that of our forefathers. In those days the pace of life was slow. Nowadays there is tough competition; there are deadlines to meet and there is performance anxiety. Once thing should be kept in mind that stress is here to stay. You cannot bypass stress. You cannot eliminate it from your lives. What you can do is that you can manage it so that it works for you and not against you.

Work for you, yes, I am right. It is scientifically proved world wide that optimum amount of stress can actually enhance the capacity to work. What it means is that if there is no stress then the out put is less and if there is too much stress then the output is again less. There is an optimum level of stress at which the output becomes maximum. No the point comes how to achieve it.

There are certain things which are to be kept in mind so that our stress keeps within limits.

1. Always prioritize your tasks.

Do not take stress on unimportant matters. Address the important issues first.

2. Always take one task in your hand and concentrate fully on that.

Do not ever let your mind waver and think about multiple task in one time.

3. Try to make your assignment as complete as possible but do not let performance anxiety engulf you.

Remember nothing is perfect in this world. A wise man once said ” Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.”

4. If your boss gives you assignment when you are already heavily loaded then do discuss with him, do not hesitate.

He may give job to another person or he may arrange human resource for you to complete the job. Develop good interpersonal relationship with your boss.

5. Keep your table clean of any clutter.

Unnecessary papers and folders on table make you stressful.

6. Plan ahead.

Before leaving office write down all the things which you are going to do next morning in a notebook in order of importance. Writing down is important because no body has got perfect memory to remember all the tasks assigned to him by his boss.

7. If necessary do not hesitate to share the difficulties of your job with your colleagues and seniors.

They may give you good advice. Independence is good but nowadays interdependence is the norm.

8. In the end let me explain a very important point which will banish all your worry, anxiety, tension depression in life what to say of office and that is always remain mentally in present.

Present is the only time we have. Past is dead and future is not sure. Place a card on your table and write TODAY on it. Learn to live in ” day-tight compartment” as the famous psychologist Dale Carnegie puts it.

The list above is neither complete nor perfect but I am fully confident that if you keep above things in your mind you can mange stress effectively and your output will definitely improve resulting in the appreciation of your seniors and you will feel more satisfied in your job.

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Recognising and avoiding stress

We hope that the above article will help you to recognise how to de-stress your job so that you can avoid job search stress in the future.


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