Learning how to conduct a successful job search is something more and more of us will have to grasp and will be of great benefit to all in the future.

The biggest mistake people make in life is NOT
making a living at doing what they most enjoy.
Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)


Many of us have first hand knowledge of how the economic climate has dictated change in recent years. The world of work is becoming more and more competitive. Gone are the days of ‘a job for life’.

It is now increasingly common for people to have had ‘career breaks’; perhaps as a result of redundancy, companies ‘downsizing’, or to have changed career directions due to a shift in modern work practices such as computerisation and the decline of manufacturing industries.

With such an increase in competition for jobs, it is becoming more and more important to implement an effective combined job search strategy, regardless of whether you are a young, middle aged or mature job seeker.

By planning and carrying out a structured job search you can significantly increase your chances of a successful job search and get yourself ahead of your rivals while avoiding job search stress. Remember to look at our Job / Work Search Engines List when you have finished.

Creating a well thought-out job search plan will help you take full advantage of the time you spend job searching and identify the opportunities that provide you with the best chance of success. How can you do this?

Preparing to Conduct A Successful Job Search

Before making your action plan consider the following:

What kind of job am I best suited to and enjoy most?

This may sound obvious, but many people are in a job just to pay bills and have never questioned what they really are good at. If you do not like working with people, then you might not be suited to a customer facing role and could be wasting your time looking at these types of roles. However a job that offers you the opportunity to work from home might be perfect for you.

conduct a successful job search at the personal development cafeWhat do I want from my job?
We all have different needs – for some people career advancement is paramount; so targeting companies that can offer you promotion and will value your drive will produce better results.

Others (such as teachers) may prefer to concentrate on the more benevolent aspects of their job. Identifying what you want will help direct you to the types of jobs that are best suited to your needs.

What can I offer?
Your CV / resume is a record of your working history. If it reflects all your accomplishments then use it as a point of reference. Review your past positions and identify what positions you have held, what you have achieved in different companies and more importantly; what you can bring to a prospective new employer.

This review will also help you to decide if your CV is doing you justice or whether it is time to make a new version.

Considering these topics will help you clarify what you want and where best to look. Now is the time to explore the best methods of job hunting.

The Best Way to Conduct A Successful Job Search

Many jobs are not advertised, so networking is regarded as the best way people can find new employment. Keep in touch with former colleagues and managers. Ask relatives, friends and neighbours, if they know of any vacant positions.

A personal recommendation is an excellent method of obtaining a new position. Being recommended from someone who either works for, or who knows the person who is recruiting you, is likely to put you in the front of the line of applicants. Go to our best way to build your network of contacts page for great advice.

Targeted Approaches
Identify companies that you would like to work for. Conduct your research to find out as much as you can about them. Create a CV specifically targeted to meet their requirements.

Make sure your Cover Letter reflects the skills, experience you can offer. Ensure you tell them why you are interested in them and how it will benefit them to interview you. This approach is especially relevant if you want to know how to change careers.

Sell Yourself
Some people think that sending out speculative approach letters with your CV / resume is a desperate act. Just consider this for a while. A position is about to become available and no-one knows! Your letter arrives on the desk of the person who is responsible for recruiting and you have all the skills and experience they are looking for.

Now think of how expensive and time consuming the recruiting process can be. You could save the company the whole entire process and in so doing thousands of pounds. Unemployment is a fact of modern life. Sell yourself to anyone who might be in the position to help you back to work.

A negative response is not the end
One on the most important things for you to remember when job searching is not to get discouraged. If you do not get a job you have applied for stay focused and concentrate on the goal.

The fact is sometimes you may not be the right person for the job or they might have made a big mistake. There are many best selling writers and actors who were rejected time after time, but by persevering they eventually were discovered and went on to achieve great success. Don’t give up and you will succeed.

Keep up to date with the latest trends by reading our how to jobsearch page which has great jobsearch articles.

If you are looking for a job in the UK, a great way of conducting a successful job search is to visit Gov.uk jobsite for the latest vacancies.

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