How to combat the fear of failure

Do you have big dreams? Will these dreams never become a reality as you are afraid of trying and ultimately failing?

Fear of failure should not be underestimated, indeed it can be immobilising. Yet if we give in to the fear, we can never move forward and enjoy things in our life which can give us happiness and fulfilment.

So how can we free ourselves from the fear and enjoy more successes in life.

Do you have a fear of failure?

It is important to recognise that most people will have some fear of failing in life, however it only truly becomes a problem when it prevents people from trying new things and having new experiences.

Additionally it is important to remember that we all evaluate failure differently. Whilst some people might attribute set backs to the learning curve, others will feel so humiliated that they may never continue with their pursuits.

Another problem with the fear of failure, is that it can be terribly good at disguising itself. For some people it may manifest itself as low self esteem, whilst others will only try something new if they believe they can excel easily.

Change Your Perspective!

At some point in everybody’s life, they will fail! It is simply part of the deal. However, how we handle the failure is what separates those who go on to enjoy success and those who stand still.

Have you ever thought that failure can be a good thing? It can help us get stronger as a person or make us more determined to succeed at something next time. Only you can decide how you will handle the failure.


Can I overcome the fear of failure?

The simple answer is yes! However, firstly you need to accept that failing does happen and when it does you can choose how to look at it. To reduce your fear of failing, consider the following things.

Adopt a positive can do attitude. It may sound like an easy fix, but it will boost your confidence and consequently have an effect on your ability to succeed.

Think about all the likely outcomes of the scenario. Sometimes your fear of failure is rational, if it could have a truly detrimental effect on your life. However if the worst case scenario is not that bad, what is the harm in trying?