Using the services of a life coach is becoming increasingly popular. This has meant that there are more life coaches to choose from, which in turn makes it vital that you know how to choose a life coach.

The first thing you should consider when choosing a life coach is what do YOU want to achieve? If you want to change your life then you will probably need a personal life coach or a relationship coach. However if you want someone to suggest a change of career, then a career coach or business coach is likely to be the right choice

The relationship between a life coach and their client is crucial. You are both working toward an agreed goal and need to be able to work well and get along with your life coach.

How to Choose a Life Coach
by Natalie Dee

The process of making a success of your professional and personal life raises many issues. A person feels the need of a neutral friend or well wisher who can provide guidance in such situations. This need is more prominent when a person faces a dilemma in life. A professionally trained life coach becomes a very useful resource in such cases.

Life coaches and business coaches suggest five important pointers to consider when choosing a life coach.

1. The right person: It’s important to take the time to speak to a number of life coaches and find the one you feel most natural and comfortable to talk to. The coaching process works best when the client is able to be open and honest with their coach, therefore the ability to connect with your coach in a positive way right from the start is essential. You may also get some referrals from people who have used the service of a life coach as this will give you confidence about the coach’s credibility.

2. A good listener: The primary skill of a life coach is the ability to listen, followed by their ability to ask good questions. When choosing your coach, during the initial chat, pay attention to how much you are listened to, how often you are asked questions and who does most of the talking.

find out how to choose a life coach at the personal development cafe3. Credentials: Before choosing the coach you may want to verify the credentials, qualifications and the area of specialisation of the coach. This will help you choose the right coach for your situation. There are many coaches who specialise in fields like business coaching or relationship coaching.

4. Knowledge and experience: You can also verify whether your coach has up-to-date knowledge and adequate training in the field. It is important that your coach has enough experience too. Knowing the number of years a coach has spent in the field and the number of similar cases that coach has handled may help you make a better choice. Many times knowledge alone cannot help devise strategies to meet a client’s requirement. Experience, understanding and intuition of the coach can prove useful.

5. Time and cost: A clear idea of the time involved in such sessions and the total cost required helps you plan your budget and routine. The costs may vary from case to case and the paying ability of a client. It may also vary according to the kind of training and experience of the coach being considered. Some coaches take a three month advance pay. This slot is reasonable. However it is advised to avoid long term commitments either in time or cost.

A good life coach is somebody who is passionate about helping others and acts like a good friend. It is important for them to have integrity and be trustworthy in their dealings with people. Creativity, open mindedness, curiosity without being nosey or trying to intrude and the ability to take right kind of information from you are some of the requisite qualities in a good life coach. These kinds of coaches will enhance your confidence and provide possible solutions for the betterment of your situation.

All the best,

Natalie Dee
London Life Coach & Business Coach

Natalie Dee - Author of Life Coaching TipsNatalie Dee is a specialist in life coaching and business coaching with clients throughout the UK and worldwide.

Coaching promotes confidence, fulfilment and success in peoples’ lives. Life coaching and business coaching creates change in communication skills and self confidence. In her business capacity, Natalie offers a range of coaching services including one-to-one coaching and professional workshops.

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